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Azure Cloud Data Storage & Database

Ensure quality data storage with services you can trust. DCG will provide you with the durability, scalability, integration, and security you need for all your data – from test scenarios to mission-critical workloads.

Data Storage You Can Trust

With Azure Storage, we give you cloud storage that is fully managed, highly available, secure, durable, scalable, and automated, saving you time and money. Now you can focus more on building applications while Azure managed databases make your job simpler by surfacing performance insights through embedded intelligence, scaling without limits, and managing security threats. Fully managed, intelligent, and flexible cloud database services.

Wherever your data is, we will help you unlock its potential with Azure Cloud Data Storage & Database.

Cloud Storage and Database Benefits

Redundancy ensures that your data is safe in the event of transient hardware failures. You can also opt to replicate data across data centers or geographical regions for additional protection from local catastrophes or natural disasters. When we replicate your data in this way. You can access all your crucial information even in the event of an unexpected outage.

All data written to Azure Storage is encrypted. We will set up perimeters ensuring only those who have specific roles can access specific data.

We designed your storage structure to be massively scalable to meet the data storage and performance needs of today’s applications.

Microsoft Azure handles hardware maintenance, updates, and critical issues for you. We also provide you with full support both during and after your projects/implementations.

Data in Azure Storage is available from anywhere in the world over HTTP or HTTPS. Microsoft provides SDKs for Azure Storage in a variety of languages — .NET, Java, Node.js, Python, PHP, Ruby, Go, and others — as well as a mature REST API. Azure Storage supports scripting in Azure PowerShell or Azure CLI.

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Database is the intelligent, scalable, cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility and up to a 212% return on investment. 

With our frictionless migration of the Azure database, you will obtain built-in machine learning, unmatched scale, high availability, advanced data security, and more.

Accelerate application development and store up to 100TB of data at scale today with Azure SQL Database.

Azure Blob Storage

Blob storage is useful for storing and sharing unstructured data—including images, videos, audio, documents, and backups. We can help you easily interact with Blob storage through a REST interface (Put, Get, Delete) or through code.

Our code is creating a reference to the storage account and then creating a Blob client proxy, which allows you to interact with Blob objects. Finally, we upload your data from the client to the cloud. With Azure’s easy-to-use API and our years of proven methodology, you will immediately see business benefits.

Azure Data Lake Storage

Easily manage massive amounts of data using Azure Data Lake Storage. With capabilities dedicated to big data analytics, you get file system semantics, file-level security, and scale.  Data Lake storage builds on Blob storage and enhances performance, management, and security while getting you low-cost, tiered storage with disaster recovery capabilities.

Ready to Take Your Data to the Next Level?

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