Microsoft Adds Artificial Intelligence with Dynamics 365

Microsoft previously announced Dynamics 365 Artificial Intelligence for Sales app. This fall they will introduce Dynamics 365 for Customer Service app and Market Insights app.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become the norm in businesses, technology and so many other aspects of our developing world. It is helping organizations manage and react to day-to-day activities with human-like thought processing by learning through experience and adjusting to new data.  

Other October 2018 releases include more than 100 incremental updates to the core Dynamics Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Portals, Omni-channel Engagement Hub, Field Service, Project Service, Social Engagement, Finance and Operations, Talent, Retail and Business Central products and services.

AI for Sales 

AI for Sales App delivers unique data to help sales teams make informed decisions and proactive actions. Sales teams will be able to use technologies to “prioritize their time to focus on deals that matter most, provide answers to the most common questions regarding the performance of sales teams, offer a detailed analysis of the sales pipeline, and surface insights that enable smarter coaching of sales teams.”  

Smarter selling with AI-driven insights will enable your sales teams to focus on the right leads, connect with prospects, keep track of relationships, personalize engagement and automate sales execution.  

Sales performance and coaching is coming soon. Sales managers will be able to proactively lead teams through the sales process with interactive reports. Provided seller engagement and productivity metrics will help managers provide feedback to their teams.  

AI for Customer Service 

Automatically generated insights will help workers understand where and how to take action with Microsoft AI and natural-language understanding technologies. Users won’t be needed to write code as Microsoft uses virtual agents. For this app, Microsoft will provide a domain-specific bot, also called virtual reality agents, for quicker customer service with support issues. Using bots will also help free up your employees to help maintain and grow the customer relationships through high-value interaction. 

Enhancing and maintaining customer service is a top priority for businesses. Customers equal funds. Using performance-driven AI insights, improving customer satisfaction is easier than ever before. By reducing wait times, improving resolution rates, proactively addressing issues and so much more, your business will build customer satisfaction as well as their confidence in you. Happy customers also equal easy and free marketing to potential clients. 

AI for Market Insights

AI for Market Insights is aimed at marketing, social media and market research teams to make more informed decisions. Using market data can help improve customer relationships, build potential customer connections and respond to trends with social insights.  

Using AI will help maintain fans and gain new followers through relevant data provided. Finding out information about your fans based on gender, age and location provides helpful insights to respond to customers in an efficient and thoughtful manner.  

Brand management is a major factor in building your business. Using AI, you will get insights from social, brand and industry trends. Being able to react swiftly to these trends can impact your business in a big way and putting your organization above other businesses in your industry.  

HoloLens through Dynamics 365 apps 

Over the past year, Microsoft has renewed its focus with its augmented reality/mixed reality products more toward business users and applications. 

Part of that focus included the Mixed Reality Workplace Team’s Remote Assist and Layout. The Mixed Reality Workplace team is building two other new mixed reality apps for HoloLens and Windows Mixed Reality headsets; one for training and dev and another for product-focused collaboration.  

With the use of HoloLens, Dynamics 365 Layout and Remote Assistant can help connect remote coworkers and reduce travel time and expenses.  

Visualizing and experiencing in real-world scale are possible with Dynamics 365 Layout and Microsoft HoloLens. By importing 3D models your employees can experience room layouts as holograms. Using this technology to share with coworkers and stakeholders, as well as editing physical designs, you can make better decisions before building.  

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist provides hands-free, heads-up video calling on Microsoft HoloLens which technicians can collaborate with any remote expert on PC or mobile. Remote Assist integrates seamlessly with your existing Microsoft applications for more effective set up and quicker troubleshooting and problem-solving time.

The new AI applications in Dynamics 365 will be released this month. 

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