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If You’re Not Using Multi-Factor Authentication, You Need to Be!

Microsoft & Azure are Preventing Ransomware & Data Breaches! It seems like it’s about once a week we hear about high profile security breaches and data hacks on major companies such as Target, Home Depot, Apple, Google, and more. Almost 90% of these data breaches exploit the system login credentials … Read More

Do You Need a CRM, a Marketing Automation Tool, or Both?

Today, it seems that marketing automation and customer relationship management systems are the same since both handle contacts, leads, accounts, and companies. With all this feature parity, how do you know which system is right for your team? Well, let’s take a look at what the differences between the sales and marketing roles are since many … Read More


Artificial Intelligence is Changing Sales, Is it Good or Bad?

AI (artificial intelligence) is the hot tech buzzword right now. Companies all over are using AI in new and innovative ways. Some we are oohing and aahing  over and some that are creepy. There is no mistaking that AI is the next … Read More