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Tis’ the season! Every year, the holiday season comes back stronger than the year before. The period from the late fall to early winter, several holidays are celebrated. It begins with Thanksgiving and ends with New Year’s Eve. Throughout this time most people gather with their family and friends to celebrate the holidays with their own traditions, which I have come to notice are all different. Currently, Christmas is the biggest holiday and many of our employees celebrate it. I believe it is a special time of year because of the happiness instilled among everyone you come across. However, I have come to realize that the time spent with loved ones and the traditions that occur during the holiday are more important than the holiday itself.  

Since it is the season of giving, happiness and traditions, we wanted to share with you how some of our employees celebrate the holiday season. As we know, every tradition is different, and every tradition has a special place for the people who celebrate it. We love getting to share our employees with you to show who is behind the computers.

“Christmas has always been a holiday that my family and I have celebrated. As a kid I remember going over to my grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve with family and opening gifts along with eating finger foods. Our Christmas traditions have stayed the same, we still exchange gifts on Christmas eve, but now we celebrate Christmas and Christmas eve at my parents’ house. On Christmas morning we open stockings along with a few more gifts and then we have a Christmas dinner later in the day.”

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Laura Brewer

“Well this year will be my first Christmas away from my family so new traditions are to be made with my fiancé and his family! However, every year on Christmas Eve we go to Mass in Philly then we got out to dinner a block away to the same restaurant to eat and drink. We then get home to change into our matching jammies and enjoy some home videos that will always be funny. Christmas Day, we wake up and are surprised by presents from Santa. We open our gifts and exchange our others then get ready to enjoy a big brunch with our extended family. This is then followed by a Pollyanna gift exchange and boy does it get intense. After that, we usually spend the rest of the day playing board games and having a smorgasbord of food since we aren’t very hungry after our brunch. Even though I don’t celebrate my usual Christmas this year, I am excited to be surrounded my future in-laws and their traditions. We also get to fly to New Jersey and celebrate with my family at the end of the week!”

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Samantha Lemm

Our Christmas is very traditional.  We have dinner and gift exchange with my parents on Christmas Eve and then we are awakened by the kids super early on Christmas morning to open presents and stockings.  Afterwardsour kids spend the day with their new gifts while my wife and I prep for hosting that evening with all her brothers, nieces, and nephews.  It is a fun filled, busy, and festive celebration for two days that we look forward to every year!”

DCG Tis’ the Season b6QjqlvA
Dustin Domerese

“This Christmas, we’re going to Christmas Eve service with my girlfriend’s family, then heading out to a nice dinner on the Plaza. Christmas morning, we’re cooking a nice breakfast before heading to her grandparents to open gifts. That evening, we’ll be at my mother’s for board games, gifts, wine and beef wellington.”

DCG Tis’ the Season yaMgQPWA
Joshua Kranold

We typically follow a “traditional” Christmas family time, with gifts being opened on Christmas Eve and family coming over for a big meal on Christmas Day.  Of course, Santa comes and fills the stockings after our girls have went to bed. We also leave milk and cookies to give Santa strength to make it to the next house!! 😊”

DCG Tis’ the Season ogCw7qXQ
Kevan Brewer

My family’s tradition is to gather together at my grandparent’s house the night before Christmas with most of our extended family to catch up and enjoy each other’s company.  It is required to have at least one TV in the house to be on a 24hour loop of The Christmas Story and another TV dedicated to the Santa Tracker just to make sure that we would be in bed before he got to our houses.  On Christmas day, we gather with just our immediate family to open presents and play with our new toys.”

DCG Tis’ the Season myW82sAw
Alex Barbieri

Christmas kicked off around Thanksgiving at my house.  That was the day Mum made the Christmas pudding and hung it up so it would be ready on Christmas day.  We’d always go to Kansas City one night in December to have a nice dinner and see the Plaza lights.  We didn’t have a lot of money, so it was our one nice meal each year.  We’d put up a live tree each year and our dog Cobber would break her yearly ornament while our cat Charlie would get confused with thinking he was outside and pee under the tree.  Christmas Eve we’d drive around looking for terrible lighting displays and the evening would end (at least when I was younger) with my brother making me cry by threatening to shoot Santa. Christmas morning, Mum let us crack open our stockings first thing on the condition that we not wake her up (a sensible bribe).  Breakfast was always an English Muffin with marmalade while we opened presents. Mum, like most immigrants, brought her traditions with her so dinner was roast leg of lamb, peas, carrots, and potatoes with the Christmas pudding (which we jokingly called the brain), for dessert.”

DCG Tis’ the Season HGbfLMlg
Ben Campbell-Bradley

“Christmas has always been a time for me to relax and unwind AFTER the mad rush to complete my development tasks before the end of sprint, hang the lights and stay up all night with a brisket. Jesus is the reason for the season, and I enjoy spending it with friends, family and a lot of food. Merry Christmas!”

DCG Tis’ the Season WerIAdew
Tyler Domerese

We all meet up at my aunt and uncles house for Christmas day. We have a lunch, and then we exchange gifts. We usually will play a game outside or some other activity after the festivities are completed.”

DCG Tis’ the Season MS2jLfKA
Josh Santiago

We spend Christmas Eve with my in-laws going to eat somewhere, followed by presents. I always look forward to the new pair of Christmas PJ’s I get. Every year. HAH! Christmas day is spent with my parents relaxing and filling up on food, while wearing those Christmas PJs.”

DCG Tis’ the Season ulcBgAdA
Andrea Domerese

My wife and I worked in retail during and after college for several years. For this reason, Christmas is all about relaxation for us. Spending quality time with the different parts of our family is the most important thing to us. On Christmas Eve we go to church and worship with our church family. After we leave there we go to my in-laws and spend the evening with them having a cocktail hour(s) and opening gifts. We’ll stay the night there and head to my parents house the next day, eating lunch and relaxing with them and their four dogs. The evening of Christmas we will simply spend time at home, once again trying to relax from all the years past when it simply wasn’t an option. I’ll always be thankful for this time of year, and the family that I get to spend it with. “

DCG Tis’ the Season xVMM6n9Q
Matt Baum

Our family has a Christmas Eve sock competition. Myself, my wife, my mother in law, and my sister in law all buy funny holiday socks and play different games to win the socks. This year, we have a new member playing, my 8-month-old son. We’re never in short supply of Christmas socks at the Ontiveros house.”

DCG Tis’ the Season alex ontiveros linked in profile pic
Alex Ontiveros

“Our Christmas is spent with my wife’s family. Her parents and her brother’s family come to our house for a Christmas lunch followed by an entire afternoon of opening presents. My mother-in-law loves watching her kids and grand-kids open presents, so she goes a little nut’s. She’ll get anything one could ever need (toys, clothes, dvd’s, candy, toothbrush, shampoo, chapsticketc.) and individually wrap’s each item. We end up spending a minimum of 6 hours unwrapping everything.”

Tony Nunnenkamp

As a company, we are grateful for our readers and supporters. We hope to celebrate the new year by providing you with our knowledge and aspirations of what is to come with Dynamic Consultants Group. We will continue to support our staff’s hard work and effort every day and are grateful we have such a gratifying work environment.  

Merry Techmas and a Happy New Year to all; we thank you for your support!

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