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2021 Wave 2 Release: Customer Insights

by Allie Wolf
7 minutes read

Enormous changes are coming to Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft’s enterprise-level customer data platform, in just a couple of weeks. 2021 release wave 2 brings a treasure trove of new customer engagement features, including multi-channel analytics, advanced customer journey analytics and integrations with other Microsoft services.

Microsoft will roll out these capabilities for public preview from October 1, with general availability to follow, so now’s a good time to check out what’s in store. 

Learn more about 2021 Wave 2 Release: Customer Insights below!


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Customer Journey Analytics

Generate intelligence about customers as they engage with your websites and mobile apps with Journey Maps. This incredible feature helps you understand how customers interact with products and services at different touch points and how these interactions correlate with each other. Tracking customer engagement will never be the same. Available from February 2022.


Microsoft is expanding engagement insights for users in various locations and Azure regions. That means more people in more places can track more customers. Expect this 2021 Wave 2 release feature soon.

Integrations With Other Microsoft Services

Soon you can integrate engagement insights with Microsoft Advertising for 360-degree visibility into customers as they engage with ads on your website. Use this feature to fine-tune your marketing campaigns and deliver more targeted promotions.

You might already be familiar with Clarity, Microsoft’s super-useful analytics tool that tracks user behavior. (If not, try it. It’s free!) By integrating engagement insights with Clarity’s heat maps, session replays and other data analysis tools, you’ll learn how customers interact with features on your site. It’s all coming to Customer Insights soon.  

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Marketing Automation Integration

After implementing the engagement insights SDK on webpages or mobile apps, you can track how customers interact with content with greater precision than ever before. Although Microsoft has yet to announce the launch date, this feature will make web tracking so much easier. 

“Journey orchestration will use the engagement insights platform to create journey triggers from external events,” says Microsoft. “Customer journey orchestration will also be able to trigger orchestrations based on engagement insights events.”

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Multi-Channel Analytics

Have you ever wondered how customers move through funnels at touch points like connected products and customer activities? Multi-Channel Funnels will tell you everything. It’s another feature that measures customer engagement on your site, and it’s available on Customer Insights soon.

Also available soon, Multi-Channel Reports lets you monitor reporting data across channels (web, mobile and connected products) with greater accuracy. View demographic and transactional information for customer profiles and activities and make smarter marketing decisions in 2022.

Soon you can use Multi-Channel Segments to export cohort information across channels like web, mobile, connected products and profiles. 

Generate real-time reports that display customer activities and profiles from audience insights in one place. Then analyze these activities and profiles for deeper insights into customer behavior. Microsoft hasn’t announced the launch date for this feature either, but it’s coming soon. 

What Else is Coming to Customer Insights?

As well as the new engagement features above, Customer Insights has additional capabilities for audience insights. These capabilities include:

  • Relationships between contact and account entities.
  • A new shared environment for B2C and B2B profiles.
  • Insights for accounts and contacts.
  • Activities and unified profiles for accounts and contacts.
  • The ability to predict customer churn in B2B contexts.
  • The chance to view segments in B2B contexts. 
  • New data ingestion features like extra Power Query connectors.
  • Support for in-lake transformations on attached data entities.
  • Custom data unification normalizations. 
  • Reports and enrichments for B2B contexts.
  • Additional Microsoft services activation options.
  • New third-party integrations.
  • Improvements for prediction models.

Before You Go

Microsoft’s new 2021 release wave 2 engagement features for Customer Insights will bring customer journey analytics, multi-channel analytics, better integrations, availability for users in different regions, and more. That means users can track engagement data with more accuracy and create brand new campaigns that boost sales. Are you ready for these changes? 

Working with a Dynamics 365 Customer Insights expert helps your business get ready for the new features that roll out from next month so you can track engagement data with more successful outcomes. 

Dynamic Consultants Group prepares your team for the engagement features listed above so you can get more business value from Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting to discover how your organization will benefit from the new Customer Insights that launch from next month.

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