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Companies that want to succeed in today’s business climate know they need software solutions that will give them an edge over their competition. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a must to track business activities, provide accurate reporting and project future growth.

In the construction industry, keeping projects on-time and on-budget is the key to success – and you need a software company that understands this business model.

Giving your company the advantage requires a platform solution built on the latest, industry-standard technologies. An off-shoot or entirely custom solution won’t be able to grow with your business.

The Power Platform is the perfect software stack to address these requirements – this includes Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Field Service, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, etc. – and there’s more.

This is where Apogos comes in – one of Dynamic Consultants Group’s outstanding partners. Apogos has developed the premier construction company solution, utilizing the best of what Power Platform has to offer.

Four Extensible Solutions

Here are some key differentiators of the Apogos solution versus other options:

  • AEC centered
    • Apogos provides industry-leading construction applications built on the Microsoft Power Platform.
  • O365 native
    • Apps that work natively with all of your Microsoft technology save you money and provide an unmatched return on your technology investment.
  • Flexible & Affordable
    • Develop and quickly deploy custom applications for your business. Applications are delivered more rapidly than ever before, at half the cost of other so-called “platforms” and up to 80% less than custom-developed software.

Apogos looks at your supply chain holistically, with the driving goal to capture project information as early as possible. With Apogos, you can manage the project evolution from approval to in progress and eventually completion, with an asset placed in service.

There are four main solutions that Apogos addresses, all built on top of the Porfolio module. Check out some of the highlights below.

Portfolio Module


  • Quick Project Capture
  • Templatized Project Setup
  • Seamless integration to Office, Outlook & Teams
  • Market Specific Solution Layers
    • Capital Planning
    • Pursuit Management
  • Easy to add Apogos modules
    • Forecasting
    • Financial Management
    • Production Management
  • Limitless Extensibility
  • Out of the Box Analytics

Financial Module


  • Belt and Suspenders Auditability
  • Enhance and extend the life of ERP and other systems
  • Deploy what you need:
    • Forecasting
    • Master Agreements
    • Customer Billing
    • Job Cost
  • Easy to get Started, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Maintain
  • Works with other Apogos Modules
  • Out of the Box Analytics

Production Module


  • Workplan Templates and Automations
  • Mobile Applications for Field Workers
  • Limitless Extensibility
  • Designed to Work with Power Automate
  • Easy to get Started, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Maintain
  • Works with other Apogos Modules
  • Out of the Box Analytics

Forecasting Module


  • Purpose-built to streamline forecasting
  • Automations for data management
  • Designed to leverage Microsoft data tools
  • Limitless Extensibility
  • Easy to get Started, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Maintain
  • Works seamlessly with other Apogos Modules
  • Out of the Box Analytics

Apogos + DCG

If you’re a construction company looking for CRM software, look no further. Dynamic Consultants Group, in partnership with Apogos, has the solutions you need. We’ve successfully implemented CRM for hundreds of our customers, guiding them through the process from start to finish. You could be next. 

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact us today. 

Tony Pimpo

Tony Pimpo is a CRM consultant with a background across the consulting, marketing and online media industries, aiming to facilitate successful relationships between customers and end-users. He has experience managing and contributing to successful teams and D365 projects, along with gathering, understanding and documenting business requirements.


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