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Do you hate running errands because you know you can’t take your dog with you? What if I told you that it was possible? Built on Microsoft Azure, the DogSpot app allows you to now take your dog(s) with you anywhere you go. The digital platform creates a seamless experience for you and your furry companion. You can download the app, locate a doghouse, and reserve it closest to your destination.  With Microsoft Azure, innovation is continuous with full support for development and product visions. DogSpot even relied on the program, Microsoft for Startups, to access full technology needs to fuel their growth. This partnership is creating convenient daily routines for dog owners. Be on the lookout for one in your city! 

More about DogSpot 

DogSpot is another word for ‘fancy doghouse.’ Kind of. DogSpot is smart sidewalk sanctuary for your dog to briefly stay in. There is no longer the worry of not knowing what is happening at home with your dog, or the feeling of missing them when you have an errand to run or lunch with a friend. Now, with DogSpot you can take your dog with you and drop them off in a doghouse for a short period of time. Similar to the combination of both Redbox and Bird Scooters concept, you simply rent them out with an app and end it when you are done with your errand.  

“Dogs really are integrated members of the family now. We want to incorporate them into our daily lives but can’t because so many places don’t or can’t allow dogs in,” Chelsea Brownridge, co-founder of DogSpot stated. It costs 30 cents per minute with a time limit of 90 minutes. The average time for dogs to be in the doghouses are 15 minutes. The process is simple, and the features will keep you at ease.  

The DogSpot idea is now being launched nationally, across 13 states. Connecticut, Missouri, Michigan, Nevada, Texas currently operate these doghouses. Washington, D.C and Seattle, Washington will soon have them, along with seven more cities. Co-founder, Brownridge, projects to have 300 doghouses deployed by the summers with thousand to follow. She wants to have DogSpots in every walkable city. According to their analytics, 48% of users have now switched where they shop based on the doghouse locations. The convenience and inclusion of having your dog take a stroll with you creates peace of mind with dog owners. 

How it works

Locate – Using the DogSpot App you can pull up a map of where a DogSpot is to reserve a specific one. 

Open – When you get to the specific location you can open the door with your member card or from the app. 

Lead – Place your dog inside and close the door – it automatically locks. 

Go – Run your errands and have the feeling of ease, knowing your dog is safe and secure by checking on them. 

Return – When you return to the doghouse, unlock it and enjoy the rest of the day with your furry companion.   

Design Features

– A Puppy Cam is available within the app. You don’t have to wonder how your dog is doing because you can keep an eye on them the whole time. 

– Each DogSpot is vet approved with firm, non-porous materials for the ultimate comfort for your pup. Dozens of Vets said so. 

– Are they too hot or too cold? Neither! The DogSpots have both heat and A/C to make sure your dog is always in the perfect temperature 

– The UV Lights are built-in to kill bacteria, viruses, and molds between each use. You don’t need to worry about the cleanliness. 

– Most dogs will fit comfortably inside the doghouse and they keep fans on inside to make sure the air is always fresh. There is a 100-pound accommodation limit. 

– Thanks to Microsoft Azure, DogSpots are internet-connected, which allows you to check on them 24/7. 

Microsoft Azure and Startups 

Microsoft wants to help launch companies with the right tools because they know you can do great things. With the Microsoft for Startups program, business entrepreneurs can innovate with full confidence and operate with freedom within the cloud. Regardless of the size, stage, or location of your business, and any open source platform you choose to create your solutions from – Microsoft will empower you to change the world. With Microsoft Azure creating a seamless hybrid operation, they will meet you where you are along your journey. You can integrate and manage your environments with services designed, specifically for your hybrid cloud. Some of the benefits when using this program are: 12 months of free services, $200 credit for any service for 30 days, 25 always free services, Azure learning path, Microsoft Docs for coding needs, and many more.  

If you’re curious about the program check it out here.


The game has officially changed. DogSpot, with the help of Microsoft Azure and Microsoft for Startups, allows you to now drop your dog off in a safe location when you are running errands. Having the convenience of taking your companion with you when you need to run somewhere eliminates concern, the time to find a dog walkerand the need to spend money on one. With DogSpot, you simply download the app, locate a doghouse to reserve, open the door for your furry friend, run your errands, and then end the session within 90 minutes at only 30 cents per minute. Can you beat the happiness on your dog’s face when they get to run errands with you? DogSpot is giving pet owners peace of mind and adding convenience to their life by including their companion. Microsoft for Startups and Microsoft Azure are changing the world of innovation, one pup at a time.

Samantha Summers

Samantha Summers

Samantha is the Partner Marketing Manager at Dynamic Consultants Group. She has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree that are marketing communications related. She has been working in the Marketing field for 7 years now. Sam specializes in creating the content strategy for the marketing department, publishing blogs, planning and organizing all aspects of company events, conferences, and the overall marketing department’s day-to-day tasks. She is passionate about the tech community because of the constant innovation that occurs, especially in the Microsoft Partner Network.

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