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It can be agreed upon that all organizations are wired differently, even if they share the same industry. While this statement is true, most companies will still face similar challenges. One of the biggest problems that leadership can run into is how to take important data and proactively use it to guide successful business outcomes. Microsoft has provided three companies that act as examples of how to effectively use insights to solve challenges unique to their businesses. TruGreen, AEP Energy, and the American Red Cross use the formula...


Today, subscription boxes are everywhere. You can order a week’s worth of meals, outfits, or fitness gear and have it shipped directly to your doorstep within days. Convenience is king! That’s why Boston company, ButcherBox, decided to start delivering boxes of frozen grass-fed beef, chicken, and pork to homes across the United States. The company has continued to grow exponentially, which means the collection of data became even more important. Initially, data was recorded in Excel spreadsheets. However, the founder, Mike Salguero, knew...


The true meaning of a “partnership” is a relationship between two or more individuals, both working together towards the same goal. There is a mutual respect for one another, even upon roadblocks. Therefore, we have decided to start our first ever blog series called “Partner Spotlight” – in hopes of portraying our professional relationships in a new light. For our first post, we are featuring Tricia Desso-Cox who is employed with one of our trusted...


HP is one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and printers worldwide. They provide hardware and software to businesses of all sizes and many industries. To give you an idea of their company size; they ship one printer every second and 50+ million PCs every year! While they are selling these products, they are also selling the excellence of support and services averaging around 600 million technical support calls each year. If you have worked...


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