Press ReleaseDynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global Enter into Long-Term Strategic Partnership

KANSAS CITY, USA. And SOUTHAMPTON, UK., Feb. 1, 2021 – Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global announced today that they have entered into agreements for a long-term strategic partnership that is expected to accelerate growth for both companies in the fast-growing, global business applications and cloud computing category. The new, innovative partnership leverages Dynamic Consultants Group and DQ Global’s respective strengths to create compelling value for both companies.

Notably, the partnership aligns both companies for the long-term by combining the strength of Dynamic Consultants Group’s business applications and consulting practices and DQ Global’s dedicated focus and expertise as a leading data quality and data management ISV. They are strengthened by their joint partnership with Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform globally.

Details of the Partnership:
DQ Global’s product suite DQ for DynamicsTM, DQ on DemandTM, and DQ StudioTM all offer enterprise-class data management, data cleansing, and data quality solutions that ensure organizations have access to clean, validated, and de-duplicated data. This platform resolves the growing problems facing organizations looking to maintain regulatory compliance or refine customer analytics, and even build trends and forecasting using machine learning. All of this, coupled with Dynamic Consultants Group’s broad experience in implementations, data migrations, and support of Microsoft cloud applications, allows customers globally to benefit from a consulting team and an ISV with years of real-world experience with data, Dynamics 365, and business applications across a broad range of industries.

About Dynamic Consultants Group

Dynamic Consultants Group is a global Microsoft consulting partner with a passion for emboldening disruptive businesses to best to serve their customers using Microsoft technologies. Globally, Dynamic Consultants Group is the No. 1 partner centered consulting firm offering white label consulting services.  Dynamic Consultants Group has offices in the US, Belgrade, India, and soon the UK. For more information, visit, follow them on Twitter at, or find them on LinkedIn at

About DQ Global

Established in 1995, DQ Global quickly became a leading name in the data management field and have since developed four premier data solutions that are used around the world.

With an expertise in data migration and integration, data cleansing and master data management, DQ Global is uniquely placed to solve any data issues that may arise, quickly and efficiently, leaving users with high quality, mastered records. For more information, visit, follow them on Twitter at, or find them on LinkedIn at

“It’s a match made in heaven. The team at Dynamic Consultants Group have a deep knowledge of the Microsoft Business Applications space and fully understand the value that DQ Global provides. Having met them in the UK at the end of 2019, we are excited to see our plans come to fruition and are looking forward to a long partnership together.” – Conor Doyle, Business Development.


Media Contact:
William Rock

Josh Santiago

Josh serves as Vice President of Sales for Dynamic Consultants Group. He has had the opportunity to consult for over 150 companies across the United States, Europe, and Asia in a wide range of industries. Throughout his career, he has served in multiple capacities for sectors such as telecommunications, automotive, and retail. He has spent most of his career working with entrepreneurs and senior management to improve processes, increase revenue, and drive digital transformation. Josh has traveled the globe speaking and presenting; his largest passion is using Microsoft technologies to empower and change lives, organizations, and governments. As a hobby, Josh is an award-winning photographer, an avid reader, investor, and pilot.


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