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Is Your Microsoft Dynamics AX System Healthy? And Should You Upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance?

by Allie Wolf
5 minutes read

If you’re still using Microsoft Dynamics AX, it might be time to try something new. Microsoft no longer supports this enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and rebranded it to Dynamics 365 Finance, part of its Dynamics 365 suite, in 2018. In whatever form you’re using, Dynamics AX can still handle sales, procurement, production, and other business-related tasks pretty successfully. However, making the switch to Dynamics 365 Finance can bring your organization a whole heap of new benefits. Learn more below.

Why You Should Invest in Dynamics 365 Finance

Dynamics AX might still provide value for your organization. Your team knows how to use it, and you’ve become pretty familiar with the software. However, the biggest problem with AX is that it’s difficult to implement into the cloud. As a result, most businesses use AX on-premises and don’t benefit from the security and scalability that the cloud provides.

When you migrate to Dynamics 365 Finance (formerly Finance and Operations), you can improve business continuity. That’s because the cloud streamlines workflows and provides automatic updates. You can also store all your data in a safe virtual environment and let team workers access it from any location. That’s particularly useful right now when so many people are still working from home. By storing your data in the cloud, you can also improve compliance with data governance legislation such as GDPR.

How Will Dynamics 365 Finance Benefit Your ERP Operations?

Here are some other reasons to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Finance:

Integrate Dynamics 365 Finance With Other Dynamics 365 Modules

Finance is part of the Dynamics 365 suite and integrates seamlessly with other 365 modules. These modules include Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Field Service. Therefore, you can centralize all your business functions in one system and improve productivity and performance in your organization.

Generate Business Intelligence

Finance also comes with in-built analytics so you can measure the effectiveness of your ERP workflows and identity patterns and trends that might impact your organization in the future.

Save Money

Finance automates many tasks associated with ERP, helping you save money on labor. By automating workflows, you can also focus on other areas of your business instead of worrying about completing manual and repetitive tasks.

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Have You Considered a Dynamics AX Health Check?

A Dynamics AX health check monitors your current iteration of AX and tells you whether this system is providing you with value. You’ll be able to see if AX is the best choice for your ERP functions or whether you should upgrade from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance.

Your health check might reveal insights about all the technologies you use to power Dynamics AX in your organization, such as database servers and client machines. You can also identify operational risks from potential system downtime and any configuration problems that slow your system down.

Another benefit of a Dynamics AX health check is identifying the actual cost of this software. You might be paying for servers and other physical facilities so you can use Dynamics AX in your organization, for example. Upgrading to Dynamics 365 Finance, a cloud-based system could save you thousands of dollars a year because it requires far less infrastructure. You could also save any money you spend maintaining a legacy system like AX.

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Before You Move to Dynamics 365 Finance

Making the jump from AX to Dynamics 365 Finance can be scary, especially if your team has relied on AX for many years. There are many things to consider when upgrading to Finance, such as data migration and choosing a Microsoft license, which can be complicated.

That’s why you need the help of a reputable Dynamics 365 partner like Dynamic Consultants Group (DCG), who can help you integrate Finance (and other products in the Microsoft ecosystem) into your organization. You’ll also learn how to customize your new ERP software to meet business requirements and train your team on using the system. Ultimately, you get more value from Dynamics 365 Finance. DCG specializes in AX to Dynamics 365 integrations and provides ongoing support, maintenance, and consulting.

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Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance: Final Word

Dynamics 365 might have served your organization for years, but there are now better ERP systems for sales, procurement, production, and other business tasks. Dynamics 365 Finance, for example, offers features like built-in analytics, cloud capabilities, and integrations with other Dynamics 365 modules. If you are considering upgrading your current ERP system, carry out a health check to determine the true value of Dynamics AX.

Get a free Dynamics AX system health check from DCG.

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