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With over 6,000 Microsoft service offerings, licensing gets confusing. It’s challenging to determine what features are needed, how many licenses are necessary, and if these components will be included in your price range. It gets even more challenging when evaluating the security of your infrastructure. When migrating to an identity and access management service like Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), you’ll have to factor in the costs and capabilities of each tier Microsoft offers to...


If you’ve ever thought, “why can’t this app read group-based memberships,” you’re in good company – we’ve thought the same thing. The good news is Azure AD’s latest feature is going to make your life (and ours) much easier. As of June, the ability to create nested dynamic groups in Azure AD is in public preview and it’s worth exploring. Whether you’re interested in leveraging the new “memberOf” attribute for apps or licensing assignments, there...


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) prompts warn Microsoft users about a security concern that requires action. For example, Microsoft can’t verify a user’s identity and needs the person to scan their fingerprint or enter a code on their cell phone. Sometimes, MFA prompts are justified; other times, prompts are frequent and unnecessary, making them a nuisance for employees in your organization. If your team receives too many prompts, there are several steps you can take to address...


Microsoft recently announced security improvements to Azure Active Directory (AAD), allowing IT administrators to review and remove inactive user accounts that might pose a safety risk. Admins can now delete accounts from AAD that haven’t logged in to Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service for a pre-determined amount of time.  This guide explains the benefits of finding and removing inactive AAD accounts, clarifies the process, and outlines why you should invest in a full-service consultant to...


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