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The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a new mainstream in the business world. IoT is built together with catalytic technology such as the cloud, edge computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and mixed reality to develop endpoints for businesses to better optimize their operation productivity, improve workplace safety, and increase profit. Microsoft is empowering businesses and industries to implement IoT and shape their future. According to Microsoft IoT Signals report, 85% of decision makers from enterprise...


During Microsoft Build 2019, IoT Plug and Play was announced for the first time and is now available for preview. The goal of IoT Plug and Play is for users to connect any device into a Windows PC without requiring drivers. Through device capability models, defined with the Digital Twin definition language (link), solution developers can interact with IoT devices. Microsoft partners have already launched devices that are IoT Plug and Play enabled. This new...


IoT Signals, which was announced by Microsoft last week, is a new report created to give an overview of research learnings from the Internet of Things ecosystem. The goal of the report was to assist business leaders in designing their own IoT strategies to provide information on the benefits and challenges for Microsoft partners and users. IoT Signals was created by Hypothesis Group, insights, design, and strategy agency to complete the report. A 20-minute online...


For most Field Service professionals, staying connected is essential to managing customer requests. The Internet of Things (IoT) drives an evolution of modern communication. IoT, in simple terms, is a huge network of connected things that collect and exchange data. Fortunately, there are several devices available in today’s connected world to manage operations and stay connected to customers. We’re not just talking about that smartphone in your pocket; we also mean the building where you...


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