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Is Artificial Intelligence Right for The Fashion Industry?  Yes, technology is transforming so many of the industries around us, so why stop at fashion? We know that nothing can ever take the place of human creativity in the designing process, but AI (Artificial Intelligence) can be used in assembling, manufacturing, merchandising and even guiding customers on what to buy resulting in better customer satisfaction and higher sale rates. Two years ago, there was an experiment testing the idea...


Marketing has immensely changed over the last few decades to better target consumers through a digital market. According to research, 84% of marketing organizations are implementing or expanding AI and machine learning in 2018. It has greatly expanded our knowledge by being able to track real-time analytics of the many contributions to revenue growth. Machine learning is revolutionizing marketing by knowing what is driving more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). This...


The progress of technology occurs so quickly that we sometimes forget how advanced our world is today! To put it in perspective — Today, a single smartphone has more processing power than the computer used on the Apollo missions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in particular is already having a transformative impact in every industry from helping employees at transportation companies predict arrival times to predicting toxins in grains of food. AI is helping scientists learn how to treat cancer more...


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