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A “chatbot” sounds like something from a 1950s sci-fi novel, where super-intelligent machines replace humans and take over the planet. The reality of AI-powered technology isn’t as scary as that, but it’s just as exciting. You can use chatbots to automate various tasks and align customer and employee needs in your organization at scale. Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agents let you create intelligent chatbots that answer questions from customers, clients, and even employees in multiple languages so you...


With a 24/7 available helpdesk through Microsoft Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents is the latest chatbot creator platform offered by Microsoft. There are many reasons why this software outshines the rest as one of the most efficient, no-code platform to create an accurate and precise chatbot assistant. Featured below is a summary to demonstrate Power Virtual Agents strengths: Automate help system creates a true safety net for the no-code platform User-friendly interface designed for maximum usability...


HP is one of the largest manufacturers of PCs and printers worldwide. They provide hardware and software to businesses of all sizes and many industries. To give you an idea of their company size; they ship one printer every second and 50+ million PCs every year! While they are selling these products, they are also selling the excellence of support and services averaging around 600 million technical support calls each year. If you have worked...


At Build 2016, Microsoft introduced the Microsoft Bot Framework. At the conference, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella unveiled a new vision, which he is calling “conversation as a platform.” Microsoft revealed several bots and discussed how all of these bots have different tasks. Some of these bots allow users to discuss and chat about different things. In addition to this, Microsoft also revealed a few bots which will tap into Skype, and help users to schedule deliveries,...


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