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With Microsoft Forms, organizations can poll their staff in real time during virtual meetings generating on-the-fly data for analysis. Quizzes generated for training sessions test understanding and provide critical data for improving the delivery of business information. Surveys give voice to less confident staff, anonymously, tapping into a previously hard-to-access pool of knowledge. Keep reading to discover what you need to know about Microsoft Forms and its countless robust business uses. We’ll discuss the need-to-knows,...


We asked 100 people to name something that creates, automates, shares, syncs, and streamlines forms. Our survey says, Power Apps! Comparing Microsoft Forms to Microsoft Power Apps is a bit like comparing a pickup truck to a Lamborghini. Both vehicles have wheels and brakes, but only one offers power, performance, and precision. Forms launched in 2016, part of Office 365, as a super-streamlined online survey creator. And it served its purpose. At least for a year or two. Forms...


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