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Microsoft Mesh: The Future of Collaboration

by Andrea Domerese
8 minutes read

It’s time for your Monday morning meeting. But you’re not in the office. The meeting takes place in a virtual world where your co-workers appear as avatars. It’s like you’re all in the same physical location.

That’s just one of the features of Microsoft Mesh, the mixed-reality platform that’s transforming the world of business.

Mesh lets you connect with teams via augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence-powered devices for an immersive multi-user experience for better communication, collaboration, and cooperation. You can create intelligent apps that host virtual events, organize meetings, and interact with colleagues in a holographic space.

The possibilities are endless.

Microsoft Mesh is still in preview mode at the moment, but expect a full launch soon. By then, Azure will be better equipped to anchor holograms to objects in physical locations via a technique called object anchoring, further improving Mesh’s shared virtual experiences.

In this guide, learn the collaborative benefits of Mesh for various industries and why you should work with a Microsoft partner to get more value from this exciting innovation.

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Surgeons worldwide are already using Microsoft’s Hololens technology to share real-time data for medical procedures. Microsoft Mesh will further benefit those in the healthcare sector who want to collaborate on projects.

Mesh uses a technology called “holoportation” that “transports” users to a virtual world where they interact and share information via virtual avatars. For healthcare professionals, this virtual environment provides a secure space to practice surgical procedures and improve patient care.

“The very nature of learning medicine often requires advanced visuospatial perception — whether it be for assessing organ placement during surgery, or for more theoretical uses, such as understanding physiology at a cellular level,” says Forbes magazine.

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Interior Design

Holoportation technology lets designers collaborate on projects in a 3D virtual world. These designers can view interior layouts from multiple angles as if they were all in the same physical location together. Historically, professionals have relied on 2D representations of floor plans and property elevations. Microsoft Mesh takes interior design to the next level by combining augmented and virtual reality.

Designers can also use Mesh to present interior plans to clients. The technology allows users to view spaces in 3D so clients have a better understanding of what a room will look like in the real world.

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Microsoft Mesh makes learning more interactive. Teachers and tutors can demonstrate learning concepts, digitize tutorials and guides, and incorporate gaming elements into the curriculum. Augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence can provide better experiences at all educational levels.

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Vehicle Manufacturing

Vehicle manufacturing requires many complicated processes that are difficult to demonstrate on Teams or other videoconferencing tools. With Mesh, manufacturers can collaborate virtually and replicate production methods such as testing and assembling car parts. Users can better visualize these methods for improved product builds.

Future of Teams

Microsoft Mesh connects co-workers in far-away locations. It’s like Teams, but co-workers communicate in a shared holographic environment replicating a real-world office.

“This has been the dream for mixed reality, the idea from the very beginning,” says Alex Kipman from Microsoft. “You can actually feel like you’re in the same place with someone sharing content, or you can teleport from different mixed reality devices and be present with people even when you’re not physically together.”


Microsoft’s latest technology enables users to simulate a kitchen environment and create recipes with others. Alternatively, Mesh can serve as a training tool that teaches students advanced food preparation techniques.


Microsoft Mesh allows those who work with 3D machine models to collaborate on projects, regardless of their locations. Engineers can visualize how machine parts fit together and use spatial rendering to build new technologies.

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Final Word

Although still in preview mode, Microsoft Mesh could revolutionize day-to-day collaboration in your organization. From improved training to 3D Teams meetings, this new technology lets you collaborate with others in a holographic environment.

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