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Microsoft Teams Provides a Work From Home Solution

by Tony Pimpo
6 minutes read

Overnight, your organization may be grappling with the need to mobilize a remote workforce. We get it. You need a reliable communication and collaboration tool for your organization to telecommute.  

Across the globe, organizations are turning to Microsoft Teams as a trusted solution for their teleworking needs. As of March 19th, Microsoft has reported 44 million daily active users for Teams. That’s an increase of over 40% over the week prior. 

In the past 30 days, Teams has announced new features for both its desktop and mobile applications. These features will be deployed this year, and include:  

  • Background noise suppression through artificial intelligence 
    • What does this mean? No more coffee makers or beeping microwaves while on a conference call. 
  • Hand-raising 
    • Got a question? Raise your virtual hand.  
  • Offline and low-bandwidth functionality 
    • Continue using the interface, even when the internet goes down. 
  • Pop-out chat windows 
    • Dedicate windows to different conversations 
  • Live captions on mobile devices 
    • Teams will detect spoken conversation and display what is being said 

Dynamic Consultants Group is your trusted partner for implementing Microsoft Teams. This may be uncharted territory for your business. We will work alongside you and key decision-makers each step of the way. Our team of experts can guide your organization through the journey of integrating Teams in a way that works with your existing business processes.  

With employees in Kansas City, Missouri, and Chico, California, as well as consultants and partners across the U.S and the world, Dynamic Consultants Group understands the needs your organization is bringing to the table.  

We don’t use a “one-size fits all” approach. Our sales and consultant teams will be there to set up, train and implement Microsoft Teams from start to finish. 

Here are some of the services that we provide:


  • Creating channels to categorize communications between departments 
  • Developing a folder structure within a new or existing SharePoint site 
  • Walking end-users through software installation on their local machines 

Training and Implementation 

  • Our focus will firstly be on enabling the tasks that are critical to your company’s success 
  • Our support staff will demonstrate the use of features in Teams. This includes collaboration between individuals and the group as whole.  
  • We then take a holistic approach at how using Teams can provide efficiencies in your business process 

Teams offers a host of advantages, including: 

  • Integration with existing Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) 
  • Low cost – Microsoft is now offering a FREE Office 365 E1 trial for businesses 
    • Furthermore, if you have Office 365, you are already paying for Teams currently.  

If your organization does not have Office 365, now is the time to reach out about this offer. In addition to Teams, Office 365 E1 includes these Microsoft services, to name a few: 

  • Web-based Office applications 
    • Excel 
    • PowerPoint 
    • Word 
  • Outlook 
    • 50 GB mailbox per user 
    • 150 MB attachment size 
  • Flow 
    • Automate actions between Microsoft applications 
  • OneDrive for Business  
    • 1 TB of cloud storage per user 
  • Stream 
    • Organization-wide video creation and sharing

We’ve only scratched the surface of possibilities that Teams and the Microsoft portfolio can provide to your company. Contact Dynamic Consultants Group to schedule a demo today. Our consultants stand by, ready to assist your organization with the implementation of cutting-edge solutions.