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Carpenters need tools. Sales teams need software. In ever-complex sales environments, your organization requires the latest technologies to prosper leads, take action from insights, and build customer relationships. Legacy programs won’t cut it. You need software that develops as fast as your sales team does. The great thing about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is that it continually evolves, with new features added at least twice a year. Microsoft calls these upgrades “waves.” And it’s a time for...


Since its inception, Microsoft Power Platform has had a pretty simple M.O. While most backend solutions cater solely to diehard developers and data scientists, Power Platform embraces entrepreneurs like you who want to create and deploy apps, workflows, and reports for business growth. This spectacular software suite makes automation accessible for those of us who don’t want to deal with convoluted and complicated code. (No, thanks!) It doesn’t require Java. Or Python. Or a Master’s degree in...


At Dynamic Consultants Group, we are focused on innovative solutions. From custom Power Apps such as the 360 Customer View to our integration with Samsara for fleet management software, we’re always looking for ways to push the ball forward. Today we are focusing on the DCG Power Model, a new tool that we’re deploying as a key part of our design and consulting processes. If you’ve ever been on a software development project, you know that...


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