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Put Em’ There, Partner

by Samantha Summers
4 minutes read

At Dynamic Consultants Group, we value our Microsoft partnerships that we have built over the years. Our partnership program was developed to assist partners in need as well as drive business growth for them. Included in this program are three different models that are tailored to fit the specific needs of our partners, Collaboration Partner, Placement Partner, and White Label Partner. All three models are built by successfully establishing a trajectory of growth for our partner network where we can help increase profits, reduce costs, improve relationships, build customer loyalty, and instantly scale your business on-demand. Our partnership program is designed to do one thing, and that is to grow your business.

What is Channel Consulting?

Channel Consulting is an original partnership program, developed by yours truly. We have many partners, and our top priority is mending the gap they usually face. Channel Consulting is a partner-to-partner consulting service where we work with the Microsoft Partner community to assist in expanding their product lines outside of their current core focus. Our main goal within this program is to work together with your team as ONE to help achieve the product depth needed with the Microsoft stack.

We have a skilled team of senior developers, engineers, architects, project managers, and functional consultants. Yes, we can do it all. The major benefits of our Channel Consulting services are:

  • Increasing your profits by reducing the time spent on training staff
  • Building stronger relationships by offering additional support for your client’s multiple systems
  • Boosting customer loyalty by having a dedicated team of specialists and architects to deliver to your customers continually
  • Reducing the costs by our competitive consulting fees to allow you to price at market for your services
  • Scaling your business instantly by accepting new projects immediately with our team ready to deliver
  • Creating a mutual benefit for both of our companies because we allow you to sell products and software without having to worry about licensing or training

Each partnership model is segmented to assist your business needs better and to assure your growth in the process. Here is a short description of each model.

Collaboration Partner

Our Collaboration model is also known as our growth model. It is designed to work as a referral system where you will be offered a commission per project. Our team of experts will fully manage and monitor project risks, contracts, billing, and system implementations for your clients from start to finish. Our main goal is to provide your customers with a cost-effective and technologically reliable solution.

Placement Partner

The Placement Partner model is known as the staffing model. It is fully designed to solve all your staffing needs. We provide your team with all the resources need to reduce project staff and internally train your business. This will allow your business to introduce additional offerings and scale new business models in hours instead of months.

White Label Partner

The White Label Partner is the lifecycle partner. It is designed as a Microsoft Practice In-a-Box approach, where we instantly start working under your brand. This will give you the ability to develop a new line of business, cost-effectively. We will step in and instantly work as your sales, marketing, and delivery team, working fully under your brand for your customers.

Why Partner with DCG?

We understand that as a business, there are many day-to-day operations in which some requests cannot be completed in a timely manner. Clients are asking for new services, products, and various configurations. It can be tough to say no when you don’t have the time, the staff, or the knowledge. We are global leaders in Microsoft consulting, full-stack development, implementation, and support for our partners who need a dedicated Microsoft team. If you don’t currently have access to Dynamics 365, Azure Development, or ERP professionals, now you do! We offer a wide range of services to fill any gaps in product or service offerings your company may be facing. We are a North America based team that will provide the same level of expert care and attention that you would. We work directly with business and product owners to meet the needs of clients, on time, and on-demand.

At Dynamic Consultants Group, we pride ourselves in our partner-to-partner relationships. Channel Consulting is truly the backbone of our business. If you do not have a dedicated team for Dynamics 365, Azure Development, or ERP, that is where we come in. We want to work with your business and product owners to help you grow and succeed. Our partnership program allows all of our Microsoft partners to focus on their specific needs to scale their business. We developed it by segmenting our partner needs into three different models to better utilize your time and our staff better. If Channel Consulting seems like the right fit for you, please contact us today.