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Finding qualified leads is debatably the biggest challenge for Sales and Marketing teams. However, if we look at a typical marketing budget, there is rarely a line item for lead generation. While we know that this is an important goal for all Microsoft partners, how much of a company’s budget is spent on custom retention? This blog explains why customer retention should be your main focus when dealing with lead generation. Microsoft is the first...


There are fundamental changes happening across the selling landscape. Several are driven by the effects of Business to Business (B2B) customer experiences as everyday consumers. Retailers have provided their customers with a personalized and immersive online experience. This adds value to their B2B relationships. As a result, consumers shopping for goods and services will continue to experience pleasant and fresh interactions from the highly customized offers and recommendations. They will also experience agreeable channels to...


Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to support the sales process from acquiring a new lead through the close of sales. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has a place to store the contact information for new leads, a place to track the follow-up communications, and the ability to qualify a Lead into an Account, Contact, and Opportunity. Dynamics 365 keeps Leads in a separate area in order to ensure your main database of Accounts and Contacts does not...


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