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So you’re planning a migration from Salesforce to Dynamics 365? Here’s what you need to know about migrating from Salesforce to Dynamics 365 with better results. Salesforce vs Dynamics 365: Why do people migrate to Microsoft Dynamics from Salesforce? The data migration process in general can prove quite challenging, given the momentous task of collecting the data from its original location, differences in format structures used by the new system, and potential errors in loading data...


Most companies reach a point when it’s time to implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. When this time comes, you want your business to grow in the right direction. That means you want to have a strong, yet user-friendly CRM system. It can be difficult to decide. CRM is the fastest-growing type of business software because it’s a major asset to any company. As Dynamics 365 is closing the gap between Salesforce in the...


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