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Tony Pimpo6 months ago4 min

If fleet management comprises any part of your business or job description, chances are you’re looking for a fleet management software solution. Between customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise relationship management (ERP), and mobile applications, you may be wondering what is needed. Meeting the demands of customers, users, and government regulations requires a software suite that addresses these needs end-to-end.

There are many options available, but you want to work with a company with experience working in your industry. At Dynamic Consultants Group, we collaborate with our partners to develop innovative solutions that address fundamental needs.

These solutions bring together the Microsoft technology portfolio, including:

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics 365 for Finance

Power Platform

  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Power BI

If you aren’t sure how all of these technologies work together, that’s okay – we’d love to walk you through how they can benefit you and your organization.

One of our outstanding partners is Samsara IoT fleet management. Samsara has developed an electronic logging device (ELD) that directly integrates with Dynamics 365 through DCG’s integration. This product enables straightforward fleet tracking for light cars, trucks (semis, work vehicles), buses, trailers, and electric vehicles – even heavy equipment like tractors and backhoes.

The IoT hardware is plug and play and installs in 15 minutes or less. Dynamic Consultants Group works with Samsara to harness these insights and improve the user experience for truckers, compliance departments, and upper management. Tracking, management, and maintenance are all included. For more details, check out our Samsara Fleet Management spotlight page.

Where do Power Apps come in?

With a robust set of information being gathered and surfaced in Dynamics, one of our partners was looking for a way to better interact with end-users. In this case, the end-user is the trucker. Working in conjunction with Samsara, we developed a Power App proof-of-concept to do just that. Driver Dashboard is a central hub for surfacing the latest information from Samsara and Dynamics 365. Driver Central includes the critical elements necessary for meeting governmental regulations related to trucking and commercial vehicles.

Key features

  • Hours of service display (HoS)
  • Driver Status
    • Break time
    • Drive time
    • Shift time
    • Cycle time
  • Driving Directions
    • Drivers can report when they are on the way to the next location
    • Driving directions to the following site include an overlay of the HoS clock. This way, the driver can determine the next break, and when the shift should end
    • Mapping functionality offers the ability to save, share, print, and pin the location as necessary.
  • Service Checklist
    • Once at the site, a Service Checklist pops to render specific information stored about a particular place. The driver can then update these notes and view all necessary information for Arrival, Open Site, SLP, Departure, and checkout.
    • Once logged, this information is sent back to Dynamics 365
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) tracking
  • Document repository
  • Vehicle details
    • Maintenance
    • Hardware
  • Driving team information
    • View others on the team and reach out to them, as necessary

How’s that for comprehensive?

What's next?

As you read this, your company’s unique needs may have come to mind. What type of service checklists do your drivers use? How are your processes different than the ones we just outlined? Dynamic Consultants Group has a depth of experience working with partners just like you.

We will analyze your existing processes and work with our partners to provide a superior solution for your scenario. We can customize Driver Dashboard to your fleet management needs, or develop an entirely new application from the ground up.

If this looks like something you and your organization could benefit from, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Let us set up a demonstration to walk you through how Microsoft Dynamics, Power Platform, and Samsara can take your fleet management enterprise to the next level.

Ready to take the next step?

Tony Pimpo

Tony Pimpo is a CRM consultant with a background across the consulting, marketing and online media industries, aiming to facilitate successful relationships between customers and end-users. He has experience managing and contributing to successful teams and D365 projects, along with gathering, understanding and documenting business requirements.


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