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Businesses are more than a little neurotic about their data, constantly looking for the latest and greatest cloud security products. The total market size of security services in the United States reached $38.44 billion in 2019. (That’s more than the entire GDP of some countries, including Cyprus, Moldova, and Tajikistan!) For many companies, security budgets continue to spiral. With Microsoft Azure, security doesn’t come at a premium. You’ll receive a treasure trove of security features at no extra...


It seems like it’s about once a week we hear about high profile security breaches and data hacks on major companies such as Target, Home Depot, Apple, Google, and more. Almost 90% of these data breaches exploit the system login credentials (no, it’s not extreme Hollywood style hacking) by merely getting someone’s username and password. For many companies, it’s even worse with the creation of Ransomware. Companies now have a new threat to deal with...


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