DEPRECATEDDynamics 365 Human ResourcesWhat is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Talent? (Revised: Dynamics 365 Human Resources)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent streamlines many routine record keeping tasks and automates processes related to staffing your organization. These processes include employee loyalty, benefits, training, performance reviews, and management revision. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent makes it easier to hire the right people, engage employees, and optimize your HR (Human Resource) programs.

Talent integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn so you can build more qualified candidate partners. The hiring experience is streamlined with automatic interview scheduling and simplified feedback. It’s designed to maintain transparency between hiring managers and helps them make smarter hiring decisions.

Drive engagement from the start with personalized plans that outline important tasks, training, share useful resources, and help new employees make the right connections. Talent delivers a complete view of employees and their experience by centralizing your HR programs from benefits and compensation, to absence reporting and compliance. You can be more successful at finding the right people by keeping them engaged, productive, and efficient to the company.


The Right Start

The journey towards customer & business success starts by hiring empowered, skilled, and engaged employees. Dynamics 365 for Talent integrates LinkedIn and enables you to compete for the best, and build relationships with candidates on the first contact. Set up the right interview team and efficiently conduct interviews with candidates. Enable immediate feedback between the hiring team and candidates to be more time-efficient, and keep candidates informed.

  • Use lookups and advanced filtering to quickly find specific information
  • Personalize the contact & hiring experience for each candidate
  • Provide immediate and effective feedback with a mobile device or desktop

Human Resources

Dynamics 365 for talent takes your common HR functions and combines them in a meaningful way for your managers, HR staff, and current & future employees.


Attract uses the power of LinkedIn to help you find, engage, and hire the most talented people for your team. You can manage the interview process, conduct collaborative interviews, and shorten the hiring process time.

  • Collaborate in real-time, by creating new job opportunities, contacting candidates on LinkedIn, and attaching resumes and other documents
  • Schedule separate interview times for each person. One-on-one time with the candidate.
  • Select the best fit for the position, and finalize the hire process workflow.
  • Allow interviewees to easily provide feedback on a mobile device or desktop.

With Dynamics 365’s integration with applicant tracking systems, you are able to hire the best talent faster by having visibility throughout the entire hiring process.

When scheduling an interview Dynamics 365 considers the candidate’s availability as well as the hiring team. Calendar invitations can be sent directly from the solution and the interview schedule is visible from either a candidate view or job posting. Hiring managers and interviewers enter feedback, hire/no-hire recommendations and offer information. The HR team has one place to oversee the entire process.


Dynamics 365 streamlines the onboarding processes to help new employees feel welcome, and quickly contribute to the company’s growth.

  • Simplify processes & personalize Onboard experiences
  • Generate guides and checklists to streamline paperwork, therefore, having more time to welcome the new employees
  • Help new employees feel welcome and involved with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives

Through Dynamics 365, your organization will have a complete view of the employee experience and allow you to provide your employees with an intuitive experience, your manager’s visibility and collaboration, and allow Human Resources to deliver impacting experiences.n


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