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Why Content Marketing is Important to your Business

by Samantha Summers
9 minutes read

I don’t think it’s a secret that content marketing makes a major impact when it comes to running a successful business. What exactly is content marketing, you say? It is a digital marketing strategy where companies create their brands content for an ideal consumer profile. The goal is to use the material to drive organic website traffic, increase qualified lead generations and empower your sales team to close more deals at a faster pace.  

A big mistake marketers and founders make are initially pushing out one or two strong content pieces that gain their consumers attention. Then, they fail to maintain this and go dark for an extended period of time. It all comes down to brands being inconsistent, and many startups and mid-size businesses make this mistake. As a result, their content marketing lacks drive and predictability. Within the Microsoft Partner Networkthe most successful businesses drive consistency with reliable content that keeps people engaged. This allows them to stay relevant because users armore likely to follow and subscribe by offering a regularity rather than uncertainty.  

The Microsoft Partner Network provides partners with an endless amount of helpful and applicable content to integrate into their business infrastructures. If you are looking for content the Qorus Content Hub can help. However, this does not mean you need to pump out an excessive amount of content. 60% of marketing professionals, according to eMarketer stats, report creating one content item daily. This you can strategize on your own. Consumers won’t have to wait a long time for new ideas if the delivery of content is consistent. 

What is the Formula? 

Any content from case studies, to social media, to surveys and questionnaires, and how-to videos can be successful, depending on your audience. Are you curious as to what content is most successful? These three components are long-lasting trends that are proved to be for businesses. 

1. Podcasts = Power 

According to Edison research, podcast listeners are more willing to become followers on their favorite podcasters and social media pages. With that being said, podcast publication has increased and shows no signs of trailing off from that anytime soon. If you are looking for some inspiration check out Smart Partner Marketing 

2. Link it up

When writing and posting on your social media accounts, lead your readers to clicking on your links. Relevant content links to your social media items will increase shares, views, and will also help your inbound marketing SEO efforts. 

3. Blogs are Back

This is something we recently have focused a lot of our attention on. Freshening up your blog content by creating an editorial calendar and following it is a major benefit. Releasing relevant, fun, and informative topics will help your system and strategy.  

Tip: We use Airtable to create our blog editorial calendar and it is definitely recommended for those starting out AND for marketing gurus. Read our recent blog post that features Airtablehere!

Content Marketing is a major aspect to success and should always leave consumers wanting more. Even if you are new to generating inbound content or have done it for decades, assistance and upskilling is always beneficial. If you didn’t know, the Go-To-Market-Services and platforms such as Digital Marketing Content OnDemand take the stress out of starting from scratch and allow you to create your own essence to your sales funnel. Be consistent with your online presence and keep your content appealing to your consumers. 


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