Kansas City Consulting

Dynamic Consultants Group is focused on our area in the world for business. We want Kansas City to know what we do and how we do it. CRM and ERP solutions and White Label consulting are all business needs. 

Kansas City CRM Consulting

Dynamics 365 is a one stop business application that can be used for an almost innumerable amount of things involving your business. We believe the local area could use something like this to boost business, sales and grow.

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Kansas City White Label Consulting

White Label can be confusing on who’s doing what, but ultimately is the better way to consult for your CRM or ERP solution. Our team is trained in a wide variety of ways so you get it all when you work with us.

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Kansas City ERP Consulting

ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) keep costs low, and improving efficiency. Implementing and deploying an ERP solution is what our company can do for you. ERP can be the tool to improve your business.

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Our Goal

We understand that there are a lot of businesses around us who need a better way to run their businesses. Dynamics 365 and SAP Business One can be an outstanding addition to your business. We at Dynamic Consultants Group want to make sure we are all successful using the best software out there. We all know that the right tools can make the job easier and more enjoyable. We think we have the tools for you. We care about Kansas City and our goal is to bring our services to the best city in the world.


We would love to give you a demo of an ERP solution or Dynamics 365. Implementing a system doesn't need to take months or years. We specialize in these softwares so you have the best chance of a speedy implementation, and a better way to


Consulting is a lot more than tech support. Deciding a new way to do your business is always a process. We want to make sure it's as fast as possible and meets your needs exactly. Often times you don't need every single piece of the software. We specialize in these, so that you can get back to the important things.


Because of the flexibility of the softwares we consult for, we have become a flexible company. That allows us to serve the local community in a multitude of ways. No matter what your business type, we can apply our skills to your skills


We care about supporting our community. We want to make sure our wide range of businesses can be as successful as possible. With the right development team, and the right software, Dynamic Consultants Group can support Kansas City where it means the most..

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Start your Dynamic journey today.