Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Provide your customers with transformative retail experiences

Today’s connected customers interact with brands across a wide variety of touch-points throughout their shopping journey. Consumers use social media to read reviews, use smartphones to do more research on the go, and more than ever they expect all of this information to be personalized and readily available through a seamless experience.  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Retail gives retailers the tools they need to better manage their changing demands and deliver amazing experiences to their customers.

Our merchandising management solution helps retailers make sure that the right products are available at the right stores at the right time. We are connecting the shopping experience with tools that deliver greater continuity as consumers move between devices, shopping online or in-store including support for cross-channel scenarios like buying online and in-store pickup. We are giving retail employees greater access to product and customer information through mobile sales tools that empower them to step onto the sales floor to help customers and to deliver even better service.

Through the power of the cloud, Dynamics 365 makes machine learning and analytic advances easy and accessible. With Cortona Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Power BI, we are helping retailers make smarter decisions and deliver better and more personalized experiences. We are living in an amazing time when change is happening with remarkable speed. At Dynamic Consultants Group, we are excited to empower retailers with tools they need to improve the speed of doing business, so they can deliver even more amazing experiences for their customers.

Attract & retain customers

Make the shopping experience fun, engaging and informative Provide the right information, where and when it’s needed Deliver rich and engaging in-store interactions with customers.

Deliver exceptional experiences

Bridge the gap between in-store and digital experiences Offer tailored promotions based on customer buying patterns and preferences Provide a consistent experience across shopping channels.

Differentiate your brand

Turn game-changing technologies into a brand advantage Preserve your advantage over new digital competitors.

Drive unified commerce

Create seamless shopping experiences

Enable omni-channel buying

Increase brand loyalty

Create a modern store experience

Deliver exceptional customer service

Tailor product selection and recommendations

Optimize store operations

Effectively manage merchandising

Streamline sourcing and replenishment

Manage product demand

Amplify sales and promotions

Optimize operations through insights

Maximize business impact

Speed up end-of-day activities

Increase inventory visibility

Meet changing business needs

Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform

Adapt quickly

Extensible platform

Invest with confidence

Drive innovation

Transform customer experiences and retail operations with IoT

Enhance the customer experience by using the Internet of Things (IoT) retail solutions to connect your business—from storefronts and hospitality establishments to smart products and more.

Empower employees with data-driven insights

Devices like beacons, video cameras, and smart shelves provide valuable data that informs businesses on how their customers behave and how to best engage with them.

Fine-tune merchandising and inventory plans

IoT data empowers organizations to assess the effectiveness of store layouts and product presentations, and more intelligently forecast inventory demand.

Delight consumers through personalized seamless experiences that drive sales

Digital kiosks, mobile apps, and rich customer data enable retailers to anticipate customer desires and effectively execute personalized campaigns as well as cross-sell and up-sell motions.

Optimize operations with service metrics to build a more agile organization

Decision makers can use real-time insights throughout the store to ensure a positive customer service, more effectively allocate staff, and improve operational efficiency.

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