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Dynamic Consultants Group + Microsoft are working hard to help UK based Microsoft Partners adapt to the changing environment post-COVID-19 with sustainable growth initiatives through partnership programs tailor-made for our UK counterparts.

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UK at a crossroads

22% of british organisations have seen a decrease in revenue this year greater than 15%.

As many organisations are still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19, and as well as Brexit, now more than ever, Britain cannot fall behind the competitive curve. There is a way through this, by making incremental changes now, adding the right partnerships, working to attract the right talent, tech – Microsoft predicts an immediate £48 billion boost to the UK economy. Dynamic Consultants Group is working to help Microsoft Partners in the UK to be on the edge of this recovery. 

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Microsoft Blueprint for UK Competitiveness

Re-Modelling Competitiveness in UK Partners

For many months, and even before COVID-19, Brexit, and the financial crisis, productivity has been decelerating at a more rapid pace. This trend has been replicated across many of the world’s most established economies and has led to what experts are calling the productivity paradox. Simply put, this paradox is that despite combined advancements in technology, leadership, and skills in recent years, productivity remains stubbornly and frustratingly flat and stagnant. How can we deal with the UK productivity puzzle? Does the answer to this paradox lie with how we model competitiveness in itself? Certainly, this seems to be the case, as Microsoft’s own research found. While traditional approaches to competitiveness are rooted in productivity, they often tend not to account for the transformational impact of digital systems on individuals and entire economies. In 2020 we are well aware that COVID-19 has expedited these transformations.


Discover the new model for competitiveness defined for the digital age, devised by the Microsoft academic research team.

How Microsoft Partners Can Create Long Term Growth During Economic Downturns

UK Leaders' top concerns in responding to COVID-19

One thing has become clear from Microsoft’s research, it is that UK leaders recognise the need to move their organisations forward, not keeping them stagnant and holding the line. Innovation is required now to stay afloat. When they were questioned about their top concerns as they work to both respond and recover from COVID-19, the health and safety of their people came before driving new growth. Yet while we work to keep our employees safe we are looking at this new path of growth wondering how it works. Using Microsoft’s new model we uncovered two distinct approaches for Microsoft Partners to use. One carries great long-term success and the other provides great flexibility in navigating the changes to the landscape, economy, and market. 

How Dynamic Consultants Group is helping UK Partners

With the impacts of COVID-19 and Brexit being realized more and more every day, partners are the growth engine for Microsoft – and they are struggling more than ever to meet their customer’s needs. Microsoft Co-Sell allows Microsoft partners to reach out to additional partners and expand their services, offerings, and even staffing without the additional capital expenditure. Co-selling allows us to work directly with partners to provide professional services and support. With the flexibility to scale services on-demand is vital for partners to be able to adapt to the changing landscape and provide their customers the same support they’re accustomed to. 


Our unique partnership program allows UK partners to take advantage of a team that is based all over the world at a low cost to them. This is not traditional off-shoring, these are dedicated resources that are veterans of the Microsoft stack, providing everything from support and development to technical consulting and pre-sales. We work with each of our partners to tailor a plan that allows them to tap into new markets with low risk and no additional overhead expenses even during the pre-sale process. Our partnership program expands on Co-Sell while allowing you to maintain full control over billing, customer visibility, and even security and access. With over 10 years of proven success in the United States, we’re ready to help Microsoft partners weather this economic downturn together by forging new relationships and strong partnerships. Together we can achieve more!


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