Move from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central

We excel in delivering top-tier consulting services tailored to businesses transitioning to the cloud, especially when it comes to Business Central. Our comprehensive consulting services can help you make the switch to the cloud quickly while keeping your business secure. 

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Embrace Business Central to Elevate Your Operations

Transitioning from NAV to BC isn’t just an upgrade; it’s a transformative step into your operations future. BC offers an array of advanced features, including robust analytics, potent reporting tools, and an intuitive interface. We will guide you in leveraging these capabilities to streamline your operations, enable data-backed decisions, and enhance the efficiency of your finance and supply chain processes.

Experience the Benefits of Business Central

We understand the intricacies of both NAV and Business Central, and that enables us to tailor the upgrade to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for more accessibility, better security for your data, or cost-effective licensing arrangements, we’ll equip you with the most up-to-date information so you can make an informed decision. Then, we’ll take it a step further by helping you implement your solution while measuring the impact long the way.

Capabilities Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Deployment On-Premises Cloud-based, accessible from anywhere
Accessibility Limited remote access, often requires VPN Web-based interface for remote access
User Interface Traditional client-server interface Modern, intuitive UI with improved user experience
Customization Requires coding, complex customization Configuration-based, minimal coding customization
Integration Integration may require additional work Seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft tools
Maintenance On-premises maintenance, updates, and patches Automatic updates managed by Microsoft
Licensing Traditional perpetual licensing model Subscription-based licensing model
Scalability Limited scalability, may require hardware upgrade Scales easily with cloud resources
Data Security On-premises data security responsibility Microsoft-managed data security and compliance
Advanced Analytics Limited built-in analytics capabilities Enhanced reporting, advanced analytics, and BI
Collaboration & Communication Basic collaboration tools Advanced tools and functionalities enhance interaction, teamwork, and shared decision-making within an organization.

Our Migration Process Is Fast and Dependable

We believe in understanding all aspects of a business in order to find the most suitable solution. Our migration approach is initiated through the IDEA framework: Inspire, Design, Empower, Achieve. This framework serves as a true roadmap for digital transformation, incorporating a data-first approach to tangible action items that enable businesses to achieve success. We utilize data and insights to inspire innovative thinking, design customized solutions, empower you with the necessary tools and resources, and ultimately achieve transformation objectives.


During the first phase, we help you imagine a future state solution for your business and define your digital transformation journey through envisioning workshops.


By aligning technology investments to your business goals, we then help discover what is possible through business value and solution assessments.


After discovering the value of your digital transformation, we ensure you have buy-in across your organization with a visual and tailored immersive solution demonstration.


Lastly, we execute your unique strategy and ensure a smooth launch with an executive-ready proposal so you can start achieving positive change across your organization.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your ERP Software

Whether you’re making the move to the cloud for the first time or you’re in need of a rescue partner, we’re ready to help you elevate your operations with Business Central.