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Proactive Services

DCG provides flexible, rapid-response support that not only fixes the immediate issue but addresses the underlying cause to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Engage our Proactive Services to get ahead of your technology roadblocks.

Take Better Care of Your Infrastructure

Our expert-led proactive engagements are designed to help you onboard and optimize key solutions customized to your Microsoft environment, while ensuring it can operate at scale. This includes updating software, licensing, certificates, and systems as well as providing training sessions for your team. We provide a full suite of support services, including access to our 24x7x365 support team.

Decrease Down Time

Optimize for Savings

Improve Security

We Have You Covered 24x7x365

In addition to our proactive services, we provide the immediate attention your break-fix issues deserve. Our Follow the Sun support model coupled with our unprecedented time to response, we ensure one of our support members is available to answer your requests wherever you are in the world.

Whether you need help resolving an emergency or you’re looking to escalate a case to Microsoft, we have you covered. 

"[DCG engineers] are available and do a wonderful job explaining issues to me and finding resolutions. Cornerstone is very pleased with DCG and how it has gone so far."

- David Cravens, Cornerstone Commissioning Inc.

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