White Label Partner

White label Partner

We work as your sales, marketing, and the delivery team under your brand.

Microsoft channel consulting

White label partner

The Lifecycle partner

White Label Consulting is the practice of having an outside firm consult on your behalf. The idea of developing a Microsoft practice from start to finish may impose too much risk for many partners. Our Microsoft Practice In-a-Box approach provides organizations with a cost-effective way for companies to operate by providing your team with trained consultants.  This model allows us to step in and instantly work as your sales, marketing, and delivery team, working under your brand for your customers. We will ensure that you can quickly develop a new line of business.

one brand

We step in to instantly work as your sales, marketing,
deliver team; working under your brand for your customers.

unlimited opportunity

When a new project comes along, you will have the ability to scale your business instantly without the expense of hiring.​

increase profit

Our services can help you reduce downtime and introduce new product offerings within hours.

decrease potential risk

Our approach decreases risk associated with your projects by providing your team with our trained consultants. ​

Why White Label Partner?

  • When your client requests new services, products, or configurations, we can provide staffing assistance to get the job done.
  • Your company can focus on managing existing relationships while our team focuses on project implementation.
  • We complete all work under your brand – your clients won’t even know that we are involved.
  • We will work together to increase profits, reduce costs, and build customer loyalty – one client at a time.

Why Partner with DCG?

DCG is a global leader in Microsoft Consulting, full-stack development, implementation. If you don’t have access to Dynamics 365, Azure Development, or ERP professionals, now you do! We offer a wide range of services to fill any gaps in product or service offerings your company may face. We are a North America based team that will provide the same level of expert care and attention that you would. We work with your business and product owners to meet the needs of your clients, on time and on-demand, to help you grow and succeed with your projects.

Partner With A Team That Helps You Grow

White Label Partner faqs

The first step will be completing an application. Once the application process is complete, we will continue to build a plan for engaging. 

We will use your preferred method of communication to truly embed our team as your brand. As exclusive partners, we will share a sales pipeline, attend trade shows on your behalf, and deliver customer success stories together.

We communicate with your clients under your email address, so your customers will not know the difference. We will offer your clientele the same support and attention you give them. 

We offer discounted rates for this type of partnership. However, the average rate is $145 per hour. We have found that most partners have an average margin of 35-60%.