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Placement Partner

We understand that partners need resoruces, and that is the hardest part of scalability. We simplify this with our resources. As a result, we can place Microsoft resources faster and with more expertise.

Microsoft channel consulting

Placement partner

the Staffing model

Due to ever-changing technology in today’s society, it is understood that product offerings will eventually have to be modified. This model focuses on providing your team with all of the resources that you need, without the risk associated with hiring additional staff. Our goal is to provide your clients with the technical depth and project enhancement that is necessary.  As a business, you will introduce additional offerings and scale new business models in hours instead of months. 

meet your staffing needs

Our team of Solution Architects and Consultants can assist you on a per project basis.

Focus on clients

Your company will be able to fully focus on what is most important; your business and your clients.

Scale new business

With our staff working on your projects, you will be able to acquire additional business.

Introduce new products

With our staff working on your projects, you will be able to acquire additional business.

Why Invest in a Placement Partner?

  • Your team will have access to all of the resources you need without spending the extra time and money hiring additional staff. 
  • By reducing project staff and internally training your business, you can scale new business models in hours rather than months.
  • We understand that saying “no” to new work can often feel like the right choice, but it can also hurt relationships. You won’t have to turn down business, as our staff will handle that for you.
  • You will be able to focus on your company. By engaging our team of Consultants, we can both keep your customers happy by never turning away from their needs. 

Why Partner with DCG?

Dynamic Consultants Group is a global leader in Microsoft Consulting, full-stack development, implementation. If you don’t have access to Dynamics 365, Azure Development, or ERP professionals, now you do! We offer a wide range of services to fill any gaps in product or service offerings your company may face. We are a North America based team that will provide the same level of expert care and attention that you would. We work with your business and product owners to meet the needs of your clients, on time and on-demand, to help you grow and succeed with your projects.

Ready to take the next step?

Placement partner faqs

First, our team will figure out where we think you should fit on the placement scale. We will work together to set up agreements, on-boarding, and figure out the best approach moving forward. 

We offer discounted rates for this type of partnership. However, the average rate is $145 per hour. We have found that most partners have an average margin of 35-60%. 

Our staff can assist you on a per project basis. You let us know how many hours it would take for our staff to successfully help you complete a project.