Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service

Take your customer service to the next level with Microsoft Dynamics for Customer Service. Intelligently access your customer base anytime, anywhere.

Have a more personal approach to customer issues with portals and third party apps in AppSource.

Engage with customers on any device with the mobile app or web based app. 

Constantly improve with feedback. Dynamics makes it easier than ever to access customer issues.

More About the Customer

Dynamics 365 makes Customer Service more personal and it makes it easier to see how you can help the valued people you’re selling to and working with. Cases are easily made and some third party apps provide a live chat window in an already customized community portal. You can see who is contacting you as well as every issue they have. If you have that super important meeting,  the customer can create a Case in CRM using the community portal for review later on. Cases are easy to make and maintain with Dynamics 365. Assign cases to your best workers and schedule activities so that you can best meet the customer’s needs. 

Live Assist for Dynamics 365 Powered by CaféX

In AppSource

Cafe X allows you the most personal experience with your customer. Co developed with Microsoft, this solution is an absolute need for any Dynamics CRM environment. Co-browsing and voice/video are all components that Cafe X has to offer. Your customer will definitely be happier with you and your services with Live Assist.

Being the Very Best

Intelligent automation dynamically guides agents to the right actions by using relevant information exactly when and where they need it. Deliver value at every point. a full view of each customer’s journey enables your employees to anticipate needs and to personalize every action. Empower your workers to be more productive and avoid customers escalation. use service and support as an upsell or cross-sell opportunity by empowering agents with machine learning driven recommendations.

Being as Mobile as your Customer

Learn from your customers, create opportunities to improve the service experience through direct survey feedback, discussion forums, and social listening. Help turn insights into action improve service through targeted analysis of contact center operations and business-critical data. Start optimizing staff levels and allocate resources based on popular channels, trending issues, and required skills to address fluctuations that occur daily and over time.

Being the Most Interactive

Adapt quickly and accelerate your time to market and adapt the application to your needs with no-code, easy visual editors.  Automate your process across Dynamics 365 applications and third party systems for better engagement experiences. Rely on the Microsoft cloud platform to reduce cost and complexity of operating an out of date, out of sync software. Microsoft is the leading force in CRM and with the customer interactions and artificial intelligence, it’s not hard to see why.

Cases are the best way to see your customers problems. It is an entity within Dynamics 365 that can be very useful in dealing with issues. You can put down what account it is related to, the customers personal information and a summary of their issue. You can then assign it to the proper channel and fully customize the form to your specific needs. Built in aspects can be super helpful such as the Case email responses and the Case number.

Dynamics has three out of the box email templates that can automatically send to the customer/contact that has the issue. You can make sure that all of them say what you want them to. As long as the Contact has an email address, you can send each email. You can send the email when the case is created, assigned and resolved.

You know more about your product than anyone else right? Even if you don’t, you probably employ someone who does. You can put that knowledge to good use by writing Knowledge base articles that your customers can read when in the community portal. Dynamics really gives you a better way to have a community. If they don’t see what they need in an article, they can simply create a case or chat with a representative via Live Assist. You can publish as many articles as you need based off of general case data. Giving your customer everything they need for your product becomes a lot easier with Knowledge Base Articles.

When you need help with your Dynamics 365 Instance, our company is here to help. Consulting is a lot more than simply providing customer service. To us consulting is how we make your business better. We offer a lot of help that you just won’t find with other software’s or companies. We pool our knowledge of Dynamics CRM to meet your every need and expectation. We work with a good team of developers that work every day with these products and push the limits of what’s possible to make all of your customers happy with your service.

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