Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Go beyond sales and use Dynamics 365 for Sales to better understand your customer and their needs to engage more effectively, and in turn, win more deals.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Dynamics 365 for Sales is a software from Microsoft that expands into every category of your selling process. Dynamics allows you to manage all your opportunities and leads within one, centralized database. Automation of processes is a good way to streamline what you do. Do it better and faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Sell Smarter

Strengthen your relationships with personalized and relevant interactions based on embedded intelligence that helps sellers to exceed the expectations of modern buyers. Elevate your email communications with embedded intelligence that lets you know when and how your customers interact with your emails, so that you can be more effective and proactive with your communications. Find out what your demographic is and what your buyers are really thinking with social intelligence that reveals social engagement and identifies potential competition.

Relationships for a Better Sale

Put buyers and customers first with insights centered on specific customer needs. Easily manage relationships and at the big scale and with integration between LinkedIn and Dynamics 365 that unifies data and processes. Engage customers and find more and more opportunities with social intelligence. Get suggestions for relevant content based on what your skills are and who you’re working with. Quickly personalize sales documents and projects with familiar Office 365 tools that enable simultaneous collaboration and editing.

Productivity Boosting

Provide intelligent guidance and increase user adaptation with rich context-sensitive help and intelligent step driven sales process that guides sellers with the ideal outcome.  Accelerate deals with an end to end immersive experience for opportunity management. Use the familiar office tools like word and Excel for day to day sales activity. See the status of your cases with ease and get to the issues faster than ever. Work on the go, wherever you are with the mobile app. With the web based centralized database, Dynamics 365 for Sales can be accessed anywhere without losing data.

Selling Where it Counts

Dynamics 365 for Sales is a way to optimize everything you could need. This is a product that is filled with potential to help you and your clients gain a better understanding of how your business operates and controls its flow of thinking. Data tools can often point out things that you may not have seen before in a world of paper and outdated systems. More precise and accurate is the way any business needs to be. That’s why Dynamics 365 for Sales can be one of the best tools for making sure your company does what it does best. 

  • Do More and Be More

    In today’s digital world, everyone is on the go. All you need is a mobile device to stay connected. As a result, anyone can work from anywhere, at any time and you can with Dynamics 365. No one is an exception. With the tools of an every day office, Dynamics 365 for Sales provides a way to empower your employees so that you can become more successful.

  • Sales and Networking

    Sales can be tricky if you don't know your customer. With Leads and Opportunities, Dynamics 365 gives you everything you need to learn about your partners and customers to better drive sales. Information is power and Dynamics 365 for Sales allows for all of your data to be stored in your own centralized, personal database. Never miss anything and access your data to be better, sell more and be more.

Business Process Flow

Dynamics has a unique streamlined way to make sure that sale becomes a sell. With each process becoming streamlined and tailored to your needs, this tool can be the way to selling more to more customers.

Dynamics 365 has entities that can help you streamline your business and keep all of your important information. If you go to a conference or meet a potential customer, they can become a lead. A lead is where you house all their information that you can get. Explaining your product and services as you take down their phone number and company name as well as anything else you can get. This is often the first few stages will be. Getting information and learning all about the potential customer.


The opportunity is where things get a little more serious between you and the customer. Some meetings are scheduled and this is where you can really hammer out some details and throw some numbers around. This is where you can graduate a lead to an opportunity.

Business process flow consist of several stages that span across entities within the CRM system. Within each stage are steps that can be assigned and monitored at all times. Your system users are able to complete each step, in order to better streamline your sale. Dynamics does everything but sell your product for you. Giving you that personal attention that your customers demand.

This is a term you will hear a lot when it comes to your customizable CRM system. Basically, out of the box means stock, or already apart of the system. It’s something that Dynamics has already built for you. Generally, almost everything in Dynamics is customizable ether with code or general changes. This is so that you have exactly what you need to do your business.

Dynamics 365 has an out of the box workflow for how you’d generally make a sale. For example the Lead to Opportunity process could be something you use.

A flow will have stages as we mentioned earlier. You always have the exact picture of where in the process your sale. Whether you need to schedule a meeting with the potential customer or make a phone call on Tuesday, the business process flow aspect of Dynamics 365 for sales will help you to sell like you want to.

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