Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent

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Employees want to work for companies where they can do their absolute best work. Better work means moving forward, and Talent can help.

Talent enables exceptional experiences across the board for your employees. Enable attraction and retention for a longer lasting, faster moving company.

Ensure new employees are productive and impactful throughout the first few critical months with a more personal training experience.

Take a look at Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent is a multi-faced way for you to really get in touch with your employees in a  more personal way.

Success for All

Set your employees on the path to success. Welcome every new team member with personalized onboard checklists. Get administrative tasks done quickly so that you can get to where the work really needs to be. Ensure employees stay focused on impactful priorities with one location for resources. Create socialization opportunities and align new members with cross functional teams with easily accessible contact information and team details. You can make sure success happens by monitoring progress every step of the way.

Hiring Right

Hire the right people for the job faster with Dynamics 365 for Talent. Enable collaborative recruiting and customize your entire hiring platform. Enable the Linked-In integration with Dynamics 365 and easily share candidate information from a centralized location with your hiring team. Ensure candidates are treated well with an easily accessible portal that provides guidance and transparency every step of the way. Make sure your hiring managers have the tools they need to do the job right with ease of access into candidate profiles and assessment tools, as well as assignments and simplified interview scheduling.

Operations and Excellence

Maximize your impact and drive an extensive, agile, high performance culture by automating routines like benefits, compensation and leave/absences so your team can focus on what’s important and what’s next. Centralize employee profiles that highlight skills and experience using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Linked-In data to get a better view of the important things. Avoid costly fines and easily navigate the regulations and by laws that make your organization tick. Maintain compliance easier. Get insights and improve your workforce team planning. Reduce reporting complexities and get to what matters.

Develop and Grow

Promote continuous and on track learning. Easily track accomplishments and ensure employees complete required training and see where they are on the tasks you’ve assigned. Drive the next best action for professional growth. Clearly outline the skills and competencies required for development and promotion based on roles. Empower your employees to drive their career path with the ability to maintain profiles that outline experience and skills.

Maintain Momentum

Provide ongoing feedback and reward high performers by turning that performance into a two-way conversation between you and employee. View real time performance dashboards and track accomplishments and offer new ones. Offer visibility through performance journals and real-time feedback and goal management. Conduct team based performance reviews with the ability to offer feedback on goals and tasks.

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