Microsoft Power BI

See your data better than ever before. Microsoft Power BI is the ultimate way to create reports, dashboards and any dataset you want to display. 


Power BI Desktop is an extensive and creative app on your PC. It configures and is compatible with multiple data sources such as Dynamics 365, Excel, CSV files, Microsoft Access and many more. Add your own equations and custom fields for making sure you’re seeing exactly what you want. Creating your dashboards and reports has never been easier. This is the best way to show your data and publish it in Power BI Online.


Power BI Online is a web based app that you can access with your Microsoft Office or Dynamics 365 portal. It is included in most Dynamics 365 packages and subscriptions. You can view personal dashboards full of reports that have individual graphs and fields displaying your data. You can also share the dashboard in CRM with managers and employees.

More Data Visualization

You need to see your data. Seeing who bought what at what time is necessary. To see trends and even inventory, Power BI is the right tool for you. Charts and dashboards are intensive. For the betterment of your company and moving forward, seeing what your company is made of is something Power BI can do.


Connect to your data. Explore your data wherever it is, in the cloud or on premise. Get big data sources like CRM, AX, and SAP, Even Salesforce, and AWS. With connections to hundreds of sources that is constantly growing, Power BI lets you draw deep insights for a wide, expansive range of scenarios.

Modeling and Cleaning Data

Prep and model your data with ease. Data prep can take a ton of time. But with Power BI desktop you can model your data cleanly. Transform and clean your data and mash it up from multiple sources within a few clicks. Time management is a lot easier with data cleanup from Power BI.

The Right Tools

Create stunning and interactive reports that are entirely customized for your business. Power BI prides itself on being interactive. Data can be your story with a drag and drop canvas. Use more than 85 business data visuals from Microsoft, or create your own using the Power BI open source custom visuals framework. Design your report using theming, formatting and layout tools.

Excel at Data Creation

Use equations similarly to Excel to create the data modeling elements. Enable business users to dig deeper into data and find patterns they may have otherwise missed. Power BI tools allow the use the powerful DAX and R formula language. If you’re familiar with Excel, Power BI will be a lot easier to create in.

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