Royal Innovation is a comprehensive church management software suite that encompasses member management, financial tracking, giving and outreach. An easy-to-use mobile app and innovative subscription model enable quick user adoption among your members.

Financial Solution

Royal Innovation has built a Financial solution to install in a Dynamics 365 platform that has been customized specifically for church use. Keep track of your donations and gain insight from each transaction by member or other filter. Creating projects and keeping track of pledges is easier and your expenses can be accounted for as well. Seeing the bigger picture is a big part of this solution.

Membership Solution

The Membership Solution helps you to keep track of your members, families and other things like attendance, activities and prayer requests. Everyone that is involved in your church can be logged away in the central database so that nothing is lost. Events can be scheduled and you can create groups and create events with each group or member. Keep good records with the Membership solution.

Members & Functions

Members are what makes your church a church. We work with CRM to create an easier way to keep track of them all and their personal information. Say goodbye to old notebooks and spreadsheets. Our solution gives you customized forms specifically designed for you and your users. More than simply counting, our solution offers insightful information backed by Dynamics 365. Adding prayer requests, setting up activities and sending blast notifications about an event are all apart of our solution.

Personalize with Members

When you have members that regularly attend, you want to be able to keep track of not only them, but their personal information as well, like phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses. How it works, is that your church gains the software for free. Each member gains mobile access by paying 99 cents a month. This pays for the cost of the software as well as the solutions. Each member gains access through a mobile device. This way they get access to the notifications, events, scheduling and their own contributions. They can see how much they’ve donated in whatever time frame they need. They will be able to see your blast notifications whether it’s about cancellation or upcoming event details. These solutions allow not only your access and ease of process, but also allow your members to be more in tune with the software.


With our Finance solution, you have access to CRM-based bookkeeping. Use the chart of accounts, journal entries, deposits, vendors expenses and more. Mobile giving is also built-in with our solution. Members can see what they give and when they gave it, and those with proper permissions can also see at a larger level the contributions of your congregation. As an admin, you have access to your fiscal periods and journal entries. Journal entries are your transactions and the chart of accounts is how the transaction is occuring. Reports are made easier by consolidating your financial data into a few entities for ease of access and reporting.


Projects can be organized quickly and efficiently with the projects entity in the Finance solution. You can track many things, like the number of pledges, your total pledge amount and the number of actual contributions and your total. Goals are important and our solution allows you to see the bigger picture with projects like a building renovation, a bake sale or any other kind of fund-raiser or event. Fields are calculated to show you the exact totals of what is needed. Take notes and add things and edit your event quickly with the form in CRM. Our customized is specifically targeted for you to make sure your financials aren’t such a burden, and things can run smoothly and quickly.

The Mobile Expirience

The mobile experience is the backbone of your data information. Members will give and add their personal information via our customized mobile app. It is important that each user has the best experience possible, so we’ve made our app to be the best it can be with our developers working daily to fix issues and improve capability.

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