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Tenant to Tenant Migration

If your organization is undertaking a tenant to tenant migration, you’ll want to execute it properly to avoid errors, delays, and expensive setbacks. Dynamic Consultants Group can guide you through it. Schedule a meeting today to learn how our team can help.

Manage Your Tenant Transition with DCG

Tenant to tenant migration is the process of moving all of the data, accounts, and settings from one Microsoft Tenant to another. This process often occurs following organizational divestitures, restructures, acquisitions, or mergers, and it is often far-reaching and complex as the migration process touches every aspect of IT.

Our Approach

When we promise a successful migration, we are prioritizing the same key aspects that you prioritize: efficiency, accuracy, efficacy, and timely execution all with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Pulling it all off can seem daunting, especially in the face of major organizational changes, but we have the experts, experience, and frameworks necessary to make it happen.

At the start of any project, we take the time to understand your organization’s goals and challenges so that we can align with the bigger picture. We also solicit input from your end users, allowing us to minimize the learning curve and get your team up and running as soon as possible. By setting goals and following our proven approach, we can smooth the transition for your business.

We Understand Where You're Coming From

Our experience with successful migrations has taught us that handling the nontechnical aspects of the process is just as critical as planning for all of the details. By unifying both sides of the equation, we are able to execute seamless migrations that can help you meet your business goals. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of virtual machines through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or you’re focused on web applications without cloud maintenance through Platform as a Service (PaaS), DCG has the skills and resources you need to get the most out of your technology spend.  

Technical Aspects

Identity is the foundation of modern IT systems, so it is critical to make sure there is a solid plan for migrating or syncing identities as well as a good future state architecture. Active Directory is the core identity platform for most organizations so the unique configuration and architecture of your AD environment will play an important role in the overall migration strategy. This is one of the most important and technically complex components of a good migration plan.

One of the reasons a tenant migration can be so daunting is because of the huge number of services and technologies affected. At DCG, our broad experience across the full Microsoft stack of solutions is a huge advantage in these types of projects. Most of these solutions require a unique approach, a unique set of tools, and specific knowledge to migrate successfully. Below is a high-level list of the solutions we have deep experience migrating:

  • Azure – IaaS/PaaS
  • M365 (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams)
  • Intune
  • Dynamics
  • Reporting (Power BI)
  • PowerApps
  • Power Automate
  • 3rd Party Apps

Another one of the complexities of organizational changes relates to IT policies and procedures as well as operational processes. We often assist organizations in combining policies or developing new policies and procedures as well as implementing the new policies in the migrated environment. Depending on the complexity of the organization or the requirements, this can be a challenging task.

Tenant to tenant migration projects typically involve some on-premises components. This could include network or server infrastructure, workstations, and many other things. While on-prem is not our focus, DCG has experience working with and migrating on premises systems as well as cloud systems.

Nontechnical Aspects

Recognizing company culture is a crucial aspect of planning a successful migration. Whether a team is receptive, defensive, or curious, understanding the current tone will help us plan for a positive outcome, whether we need to work with certain departments or around them.

We know that larger organizations with multiple departments tend to have limited access in certain areas. Planning for details like this adds another level of time and complexity to the preparation stage, but it will help us ensure things go smoothly down the road.

We are passionate about incorporating your team members in the migration process because it helps to ensure that we’re aligning with end-user priorities and it makes for a smoother handoff once the migration is complete. However, we also know the importance of assessing the skillsets of those involved and offering consulting where necessary to fill knowledge gaps. 

Through a combination of migration and consulting services, we can plan and execute a timely tenant to tenant migration while also preparing your time for long-term success.

We understand that your organization may be working with a set timeline for completing its tenant to tenant migration and we will strategize to work with that timeline. Ultimately, the success of a migration rarely comes down to allocating more time, but to using every moment wisely.

With our team of Microsoft Certified developers and architects, we have the expertise necessary to proactively avoid errors, issues, and hiccups that could cause delays. As a result, we’re able to accurately assess timelines and stay on track with key milestones to ensure your tenant to tenant migration is completed on schedule.

There are various ways branding can directly impact the tenant to tenant migration process. For example, if you want to move to a new tenant but want to keep using the same domain name, we would need to create a detailed plan to ensure seamless experience for your users with minor disruptions. Situations like these can also impact your go-live date as they might require you to work around periods of low activity to make sure your end users aren’t interrupted.

With our experience and forethought, we can help you address seemingly small details like this that can get lost in the shuffle, but will eventually end up having a major impact on the migration process.

Find Out How AMECO Transformed Their IT in 90 Days

Tenant to Tenant Migration

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AMECO delivers unique solutions for efficient planning and management of construction indirect products and services throughout the project life cycle to the construction and maintenance markets in North America. As the company shifted into a divestiture, they leaned on DCG to provide a comprehensive solution for their infrastructure, processes, and data needs, utilizing a strategy based on best practices, that met business operating requirements on day one and improved and modernized AMECO’s IT footprint. 

AMECO’s Accomplishments:

  • Migrated databases, applications, files, and more out of physical infrastructure and onto new servers in Azure
  • Deployed new on premise network equipment and fire walls
  • Moved from legacy phone systems to Teams
  • Configured new laptops for all employees with ready-to-use email and SharePoint 
  • Removed legacy CRM and implemented Dynamics 365 for Sales
  • Designed IT policies, disaster recovery plans, security policies, and more

We're Prepared for Any Situation

Mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and other restructures pose major organizational changes. Tenant to tenant migration might just seem like one part of a much larger process, but the fact is that doing it wrong can lead to significant business disruptions.

While it might be tempting to take on tenant to tenant migration on your own or even keep running on two different systems, both of these solutions present large risks to your organization. On the one hand, you run the risk of major business disruption if the migration isn’t performed well. On the other hand, you run the risk of increased overhead costs and limited collaboration. In reality, there is only one proper way to approach the problem. 

By outsourcing to a team of experts, you can cut the learning curve, spare your team the trial and error, and have peace of mind knowing things are being managed properly. At DCG, we have helped countless organizations migrate successfully, helping them to avoid potential hiccups, challenges, and optimization roadblocks. Working with us means having the confidence to focus on other organizational priorities while our team simplifies the transition.

Continued Support After Migration

While we go the extra mile to help our clients get on their feet as soon as possible, we know that questions inevitably pop up and we want you to feel confident coming to our team for fast, helpful answers. With our 24x7x365 support model, you will never be left to deal with problems on your own. With both reactive and proactive support standing by, we can help you avoid potential issues before they become a problem for your business and we can help you recover from active issues at any hour of the day. No matter what comes up, you can count on our Microsoft Certified engineers, developers, and architects to get the job done right.

Get Started with a Migration Assessment

Allow us to dive deep so that we can develop a formal recommendation and project roadmap that fully assesses the risks involved in your migration.

By the end of our detailed assessment, we’ll deliver a report explaining what it will take to migrate, the strategies we can implement, and the predicted timeline for completion. Once your team has a clear picture, you can make a well-informed decision, even if you choose to work with someone else.