Increase Your Operational Efficiency

Business Enablement

Future-proof your business with the correct Microsoft solutions that hyper-connect marketing, sales, customer service, field service, and project operations. 

Boost Productivity and Collaboration

Dynamics 365 Sales Dashboard

Imagine a steady stream of insights that help you make better business decisions. Our Microsoft-Certified experts can turn that dream into a reality by creating customized business processes and solutions that fit your organization’s working style.

  • Centralize data in a unified space 
  • Eliminate human error through streamline processes 
  • Optimize operational efficiency 
  • Automate, monitor, and analyze KPIs for accuracy 
  • Minimize basic process resources 
  • Increase user adoption 

How We Empower Digital Transformation

Our process begins the same for every project. We start by working to understand the unique qualities of your business model and how you deliver value to your clients and the marketplace. Then we assess your current infrastructure and business processes. We use this information to identify areas where we can improve and, in some cases, transform your business operations. Ultimately, we give you the ability to make great business decisions.

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Enhance Your Customer Engagement Solutions

Dynamics 365 Sales

We are here to help you transform your end-to-end digital selling experience. We’ll do this by allowing you to communicate efficiently, nurture your sales from lead orders, accurately forecast data, and streamline your manual processes.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

We’ll assist you in optimizing customer service operations through tailoring and personalizing all your interactions, providing your agents with the correct information when they need it, and perfecting your case resolution process. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing

DCG will help you benefit from this purpose-built platform so you can properly monitor potential leads, set up and maintain automated campaigns across platforms, and track the performance of various strategies. 

Dynamics 365 Project Operations

DCG can help you improve your project management capabilities with improved deal management experiences, optimized resource utilization, and streamlined project financials through overall improved visibility. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

With guidance from DCG, this tool can provide an accurate view of your clients by proactively anticipating their needs, quickly responding to emerging opportunities and issues, as well as capturing the customer’s sentiment along the way.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

We’ll assist your team’s efficiency by completing more service calls per week, managing follow-up work, taking advantage of upselling and cross-selling opportunities, and organizing the resolution of customer issues more efficiently. 

Empower System Mobility and Business Intelligence

Power Apps

System mobility is useful and essential for any business to reach its full potential. We can help you navigate the frameworks of Power Apps, allowing you to expand your business’ mobility to new areas of the organization. 

Power BI

Business Intelligence enables companies to turn insights into action with Power BI dashboards. Our team will work with you to create, configure, and deploy interactive and intelligent reports, helping your team create a single view for your critical business data.  

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