Gain a True ROI on Migrating Tableau to Power BI

Tableau Migration Calculator

Our custom-built calculator takes current Tableau licensing into account and helps guide you through the process of calculating the ROI of migrating from Tableau to Power BI. Download this free calculator today and see what your basic savings will look like. Once we know your total licensing picture, we will provide you a true ROI and TCO, as well as a services proposal to help you migrate faster. 

Download the Tableau Migration Calculator

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What is the Migration ROI Calculator

The Tableau to Power BI Migration ROI Calculator is an Excel workbook that allows you to quickly enter and calculate the annualized spend of your organization on Tableau licenses. The calculator also allows you to quickly see what you’d be spending on Power BI licenses – both Pro and Premium. Once completed, we will take these numbers and plug them into our Value Calculator to provide you with a deep understanding of the true ROI and 3 Year TCO of a Power BI migration from Tableau. How do we factor this? – With the help of Microsoft and Forrester TEI Reports. 

Migration ROI Calculator Sample

What does the final ROI Calculation look Like?

Once our team receives your finalized calculator back, we will then take this data and carefully review it, allowing our team to work with Microsoft to provide a summary and breakdown of the ROI that you will have based on these calculations. Once this is completed, you will be sent a PDF containing our findings and the costs of the proposed services for a migration. This will give you a holistic picture of what a Tableau migration to Power BI will cost your organization. 

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