Switch up how you do tax compliance — not how you do business.
Avalara plugs into the business systems and solutions you already use.


Third-party app services

Find the right tax tools for your business. No matter your business size or industry, we help to provide tax calculation, tax filing, and tax document management products that work together seamlessly for integrated, automated compliance done right. 

This solution automatically calculates sales and tax for transactions, invoices, and other activity powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. We can help you integrate AvaTax with Microsoft Dynamics 365 by using Azure’s pre-built connection. Our team configures the system to your needs, and help you gain benefits from the ease of tax automation.

Tax Calculation

Avalara AvaTax

With Avalara’s tax calculation services, you can deliver sales and tax calculations within your existing business systems at the time of checkout or billing – in real-time. Some of the other features include the ability to automate processes, improved communication within your company, and tax regulation compliance tools.

Tax Document Management


Avalara ensures a highly scalable solution to collect, store, and manage tax documents securely. Avalara CertCapture automates your exemption process to collect, store, manage, validate, and renew compliance documents in the cloud. You can also report data and apply them to transactions automatically.

Tax Returns

Avalara Returns

With five subcategories in Avalara’s tax return services, you are guaranteed to receive the best solution possible for your business needs. Some of these features include:

– The ability to automatically gather data through AvaTax

– Tools to determine your applicable taxes along with the ability to generate schedules and returns

Features and Benefits

✔ On-demand calculations

Get real-time rates delivered directly into your invoicing system or your shopping cart at the moment of purchase.

✔ Ready to connect

Change the way you do tax compliance, not the way you do business. We will integrate this solution into the systems you already use with 700+ built-in integrations.

✔ Cloud-based

AvaTax is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, meaning updates take effect as soon as you deploy them, keeping your calculations current and users up-to-date.

Avalara Overview

Strong reliability

Slipping up in tax compliance can be costly. With integrated solutions for calculations, filing, and exemptions, you can automate in key areas and get compliance right.

Built-in connectivity

Directly link AvaTax and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a prebuilt connection allowing for a seamless interaction for users between the two systems. Avalara provides over 700 connections allowing you to work across multiple systems at once.

Detailed reporting

24/7 access to your AvaTax transaction history comes in handy for many reasons, especially during an audit. The dashboard is simple to navigate.

Obsessively up to date

Are you fed up with the loop of constantly changing tax rates and rules? This is where Avalara comes in to play. Avalara pushes updates to your system with no interruptions to your business.


One of the main questions you should ask while looking for a new solution is; does it grow with your business? Avalara provides tax solutions that meet your needs today and grow with you tomorrow. When new legislation is passed, or a new business enters the market, Avalara is ahead of the competition.

The right fit

Tiered pricing for tax solutions are so scalable they seem custom made - without the custom price tag. With Dynamic Consultants Group and your team working together, we provide you with tailored services to fit your business needs.

Why Choose Dynamic Consultants Group?

We specialize in consulting, implementation, data migration, customization, and services for businesses of all sizes. We’ve helped more than 150 companies (ours included) achieve their business goals. If you are interested in getting started with Avalara, give us a call!

Avalara + Dynamics 365

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Avalara FAQ

Along with the ability to integrate with Dynamics 365, Avalara AvaTax is an advanced solution that uses geolocation and address verification to calculate sales tax down to a specific address, accounting for multiple tax jurisdictions in a single ZIP code, complex tax tiers, and more. If you need to calculate tax on international transactions, AvaTax offers an option for that too. Avalara also has solutions to prepare and file your returns, as well as easily manage exemption certificates in the cloud, all of which integrate seamlessly with AvaTax.

Yes! If you are not satisfied after 60 days, Avalara will refund your purchase.

Yes, AvaTax will manage your tax compliance across multiple companies, even across complex corporate structures (parent/child companies, etc.)

Stop by Avalara’s FAQ page and you can find answers to questions that other people are asking. You can also search or ask your own question if you can’t find what you are looking for.

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