Samsara Fleet Management

Integrate Samsara Fleet Management tools with Dynamics 365 for Field Service with Route Planning, ELD, Fleet Management, Driver Scoring, Predictive Maintenance, and AI based Dashcams.

Samsara + Dynamics 365

Fleet Management, Route Planning, field service and more

Samsara is an industry-leading IoT platform for fleet management, with direct integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Integrate their AI-based dash camera, route planning tools, and more directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service. A unified system for fleet management, driver safety, and compliance. Dynamic Consultants Group has built a direct integration with Samsara and Dynamics 365 Field Service and PowerBI.

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A Complete Platform for Monitoring Vehicles, Delighting Customers, and Managing Costs

Samsara allows you to manage routes for trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, and more. Instead of manually calling drivers to see where they are, Samsara lets you instantly track vehicle location, route progress, and late or missed stops.  With Samsara and Dynamics 365 Field Service, you can directly integrate route planning with resource scheduling. Get your technicians and vehicles where they need to, on time, with more efficiency. 

Improve Fleet Productivity

Rich reports and visualizations enable fleets to complete more jobs in fewer hours, with fewer miles, while dispatch tools, real-time traffic, and route analytics help operators increase output.

Streamline Maintenance

Over-the-air vehicle diagnostics, engine utilization reports, and real-time fault code alerts enable maintenance departments to prevent breakdowns and automate routine inspections.

Reduce Labor & Fuel Costs

On-demand reports and real-time alerts identify and correct fuel waste, while route analytics help reduce unnecessary miles, saving both fuel and labor.

Driving measurable ROI for customers 


$ 1 k
in avoided costs from accidents
1 %
reduction in vehicle idling
1 %
fewer customer claim payouts

Get Technicians Where They’re Needed, Faster

Samsara and Dynamics 365 can give you the competitive edge your business needs. From a burst pipe, infestation, or broken AC unit that needs expert attention right away, Samsara has you covered. Seamless dispatch, driver reassignment for last-minute jobs, push new routes, and messaging the team can be done right from the dashboard. 

Keep Customers In The Loop

Give customers a view of real-time driver tracking. Make exceptional service a business differentiator with shareable live GPS tracking links. Proactively communicate precise ETAs, reduce inquiries, and provide tighter arrival windows with Samsara.

Respond to rapidly changing conditions

Schedules don’t always go as planned, so Samsara & Dynamics 365 lets you adapt on-the-go. Dispatchers can easily re-route vehicles remotely and send messages to drivers (or an entire fleet) using the Samsara Driver App.

ELD Compliance for Fleets of All Sizes

With real-time visibility into every driver’s logs, dispatchers can easily take drivers’ status into account when planning routes to avoid Hours of Service violations. With our easy-to-use dashboard, you can review driver logs and suggest log edits to ensure your e-logs are up to date.

Powered by AI and Computer Vision

Samsara AI Dash Cams analyze the road and driver behavior in real-time. By sending alerts to drivers and actionable insights to managers, these intelligent cameras are proven to upgrade driver safety and lower fleet costs. Instantly review collisions, near-misses, and distracted driving events with full HD 1080p footage that is automatically uploaded to the cloud. Using a g-sensor and computer vision, Samsara labels and tags events, alerts drivers to high-risk behavior, and sends event details to fleet managers in real-time. Connect Samsara to Dynamics 365 and Common Data Service to Leverage Azure Machine Learning to create advanced analytics.

Samsara Overview

Fleet Management

A unified system for fleet management, driver safety, and compliance. Provide your drivers with GPS Tracking, Routing & Dispatch, Documents, Reporting & Alerts, WIFI Hotspot, and Fleet Maintenance.

Asset Tracking

Do your drivers carry valuable assets on the road? If so, this is a great solution for your company. Along with all the other benefits, Samsara provides Trailer Tracking, Reefer Monitoring, and Asset Tracking.

Cameras and Safety

Samsara's safety cameras ensure your driver's well-being. With AI Dashcams, Driver Safety and Coaching, and Vehicle Security Cameras, you are guaranteed a much higher safety percentage than fleets without Samsara.

Industry Solutions

Samsara works with companies all across different industries. They provide service for but aren't limited to transportation & logistics, food & beverage, construction, state & local government, passenger transit, school transportation, and field service fleets.

Dynamics 365 + Samsara 

Samsara faqs

Contact DCG for a trial of Samsara and Dynamics 365

Vehicle Gateway license includes up to 500MB/month of WiFi data, enabling fleets to utilize connected software to improve productivity and customer service.

Samsara has over 5,000 customers and is one of the leading Verizon IoT partners for vehicle telematics.

Samsara is a separate license cost from Dynamics 365. To see the most up to date licensing for Dynamics 365 you can see it here. For the most up-to-date information on Samsara’s pricing you can view it here

Dynamic Consultants Group has built a custom module that sits inside of CDS/CDM that ties the APIs of Samsara and Dynamics 365 together allowing for usage of Field Service, PowerBI, Flow and PowerApps to all be connected to Samsara.

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