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Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM Worth the Investment?

by Allie Wolf
7 minutes read

As a business owner or software consultant, you need to think long-term when adding a new customer relationship management (CRM) system to your tech stack. Is the CRM worth the investment? How much return will you generate? If the answers to the questions are “no” and “not much,” integration isn’t worth the money or hassle. That’s because incorporating a new CRM like Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement (CE) into your organization, then migrating over all of your data, requires an outlay, lots of resources, and possible downtime. 

In this guide, learn why Dynamics Customer Engagement CRM is not only worth the investment but how it could be the best software decision you ever make. Then discover how using an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner simplifies the entire integration and migration process.


  • Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM Explained
  • Benefits of Dynamics 365 CE
  • Dynamics 365 CE ROI: How Will You Benefit?
  • Why You Need a Dynamics 365 Partner
  • Dynamics 365 CE ROI: Final Word

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Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement CRM Explained

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) is a cloud-based CRM system that improves relationships with current and new customers. As part of Microsoft Dynamics 365, CE connects with other Microsoft products and third-party apps to create unified data flows and insights that improve sales, marketing, field service, and customer service outcomes. It’s one of the most powerful CRMs on the market. 

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Benefits of Dynamics 365 CE

Here are some benefits CE brings to businesses like yours:

  • Improved productivity.
  • Reduced sales cycles.
  • Enhanced security.
  • Better compliance.
  • Scalability.
  • Easy to use and deploy via the cloud or a hybrid cloud environment.

Dynamics 365 CE isn’t just another CRM system but an all-in-one platform for managing sales, marketing, field service, and customer service. But how do these benefits translate into an investment return?

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Dynamics 365 CE ROI: How Will You Benefit?

Dynamics 365 CE provides users with an investment return in various ways:

Find Growth Opportunities

One of the most significant benefits of CE is its ability to integrate with many applications, including tools in the Microsoft ecosystem. It does this via out-of-the-box connectors that create data pipelines between CE and apps — a process that, in most cases, requires no code whatsoever.

When you integrate all your data in this way, you get a 360-degree view of your customer base, with unparalleled data insights all in one place. With this real-time customer intelligence, you can identify business growth opportunities that save your business money or generate additional income streams. As your data pipelines grow, expect a significant investment return.

Example: Connect CE with Microsoft Teams so sales staff have access to customer records and in-depth analytics while on video calls with clients. With all this information at their fingertips, sales teams can upsell products and services based on behavioral data captured in customer records and generate additional income for your organization. 

Improve Productivity

CE generates an investment return by streamlining productivity across your organization. It does this by automating customer-orientated workflows and shortening sales, marketing, field service, and customer experience cycles. 

Example: You connect CE with Outlook. Now you have access to email queries and customer records in one place. Match a customer’s email communications with their CRM record, and your team can quickly solve the query and improve the entire customer experience. Through this automation, you’ve saved labor resources and prevented possible customer churn. 

Save Time

It’s a cliche, but time is money. When you consolidate customer data into one system, you can shorten the time it takes teams to execute tasks like marketing and customer service. By speeding up these tasks, you free up resources and increase efficiency — two factors that often generate an investment return. 

Example: You connect CE with Excel so sales teams can view spreadsheets and customer records simultaneously. Instead of switching between programs, all the information they require is on one system. Teams can access real-time analytics that identify trends and connections between sales and customer data sets. 

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Why You Need a Dynamics 365 Partner

A Dynamics 365 partner could help you get even more value from CE. That means an even more significant investment return. Working with a CE specialist provides these additional benefits:

  • Customize and configure CE so it works better for your team.
  • Speed up CE migration and integration so downtime doesn’t affect your bottom line.
  • Create automated workflows that further optimize customer relationships.
  • Discover other Dynamic 365 products that save your organization money.

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Dynamics 365 CE ROI: Final Word

Like any CRM, CE requires an outlay, but this system could generate a significant investment return. Research shows that Dynamics 365 delivers an average of $16.97 for every dollar spent, making it one of the most profitable platforms out there. It does this by identifying growth opportunities, improving productivity, and saving your team time and resources. To get even more value from CE, consider working with a Dynamics 365 partner.

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