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Finally, you can rely on one partner to provide comprehensive and reliable partnership opportunities that help you meet client needs and grow your business.

Our Partnership Approaches

When it comes to partnerships, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” mentality. We approach them the same way we approached our 100+ successful Microsoft relationships: with the end result in mind. We work with each of our partners to understand their business goals, then we work together to build a custom partnership that enables success. Whether it’s go-to-market planning, presales assistance, augmenting projects, helping to develop project teams, or something in between, we collaborate to craft the best partnership approach for their business 

Identify the Need

We know the best way to find the right solution is to listen. That’s why we engage in discovery, technical, and scoping discussions with our partners free of charge. 

Establish the Goal

After asking the necessary questions, we work with our partners to align with their business goals. Then, we provide an enterprise engagement letter that keeps us both aligned.

Build a Custom Plan

We work together to craft the perfect working relationship that brings it to fruition. And if your organization needs to escalate the time to custom plan, we’re ready to move at your speed. 

Elevate Your Business

When we execute a plan with a partner, we check in frequently to stay aligned on revenue-generating activities and ensure our initiatives are completed on time. This also includes risk mitigation.

We Succeed When Our Partners Succeed

Proven Partnerships that Fuel Partner Growth

While we take a customized approach to partnerships, we know starting with a pre-defined method of working can often expedite solutions for your just-in-time need or expansion journey. With DCG as your trusted partner, you’ll have the flexibility to right size how we work together 

Scale Business Faster

Our White Label Services are perfect for partners who are ready to offer new services or looking to expand an existing practice.

Meet Client Needs on Demand

Partners leverage our Collaboration Services when they need additional expertise to meet a new client opportunity.

Increase Revenue Opportunities

DCG's Referral Services are ideal for partners looking to get compensated for the leads that don't match their ideal customer profile.

Fortify Your Team with Individual Resources

When partners want to save up to 60% on staffing costs, recruiting, and headhunter fees, they engage our Contract and Placement Services.

Projects We Support

With DCG as your trusted partner, you can access a full team of Microsoft resources, including senior solutions architects, business analysts, functional consultants, project managers, developers, and more. Our global resources have proven experience in large-scale migration projects, multi-country implementations, and complex digital transformation. Think of us as your “out of the box solution” for unlocking new expertise in the Microsoft ecosystem. 

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