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4 Tips to Renewing your Microsoft Partner Network Membership

by Samantha Summers
12 minutes read

Are you preparing to renew your Microsoft Partner Network membership? Every year, partners have to go through this process. Being able to know what to expect and prepare in advance can help save time so you can focus on driving your business growth. Microsoft is creating experiences with consistency and predictability to simplify how you can find new opportunities and continue business with Microsoft. If you are looking for the capabilities of your membership, they are now available in the Partner Center. It is your destination for maintaining your relationship with Microsoft. The timeframe of your renewal is the day after the anniversary date of your membership and is open for 30 days. Ready to learn the four tips to ensure that you have a seamless process to maintain access to the resources and benefits of a Microsoft Partner?

1. Migrating to the Partner Center 

The Microsoft Partner Center is where partners maintain their relationships with Microsoft. This includes their membership, profile, Action Pack subscriptions and their competency attainment, benefits, and transactions. If you follow the correct steps, you should have an email with an invitation and in Partner Membership Center (PMC). Why is this? Soyou can begin migrating your Microsoft Partner Network account from PMC to Partner Center. 

More information is here at the Partner Center. 

However, once you have an established account in Partner Center, invite users from your company and assign them permissions. This allows the appropriate people within your organization to have access to your account. This will enable your employees to associate their Learn Account so employees’ trainings and certifications are recognized for competency achievement and renewal.  

PRO Tip: Create a business profile so customers can find you. Also, complete your profile accurately to connect with the RIGHT customers. 

2. Put It on The Calendar 

Renewal occurs at the same time every year. Your anniversary date for your Microsoft Partner Network membership allows you to renew your Action Pack subscription or capability to continue access to the advantages for partners. This includes technical presales assistance and deployment services, go-to-market benefits, Cloud Enablement Desk access and more. You have 30 days after your anniversary date to renew. To view the date, you must sign in to the Partner Center and select the “Membership offers” tab. This is where the status of your membership and other competencies will be present.  

3. Plan Ahead 

In order to renew your membership, you must meet the requirements published in the Partner Center. The best time to prepare is by starting the process several weeks in advance. Be sure to review the competency requirements on the Microsoft partner website prior so you are aware of any changes to the performance or technical requirements. The most recent changes are as follows: 

– On July 1, 2019 the exam requirements for several capabilities were updated. The current ones are listed on the competency page. 

– For Business Applications, review the download guide to learn about updates to competency requirements and retirement of the Cloud CRM competency.  

4. Ask for Help! 

The Microsoft Partner website is a great tool to help with migrating your membership to the Partner Center. It can also assist you in completing your Action Pack or competency renewal. Just remember to stay on track with your renewal and get started early. 

As Microsoft partners, we are offered many benefits that keep every process as seamless as possible. Preparing to renew your Microsoft Partner Network membership will continue doing so. We hope these tips help to keep your business moving forward and drive your customer’s digital transformation as always.  

If you are looking for more Microsoft partners to do business with, or just need help, reach out to us today! 

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