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Microsoft is always looking for the next way to help partners accelerate deal conversion and digital transformation. The Partner Investments Engine, or PIE, offers is one way that allows Microsoft partners to get the ball rolling with their customers. PIE offers are fixed sum investments paid for service engagements with end customers. Typically, they are funded with End Customer Investment Fund, or ECIF, dollars, and are used for pre-sales activities and post-sales implementation. This blog post will provide more insight on why the Dynamics 365 Everywhere PIE Offer is so valuable to Microsoft partners.   

Partner Investment Engine Overview  

  • What is the Partner Investment Engine? 
    • The PIE is an online platform that provides partners with access to all US partner offer programs in the United States.  
  • Who can access PIE? 
    • All managed and unmanaged partners in the US can access the PIE Portal 
    • Eligibility requirements vary by offer program 
  • Why should partners use PIE? 
    • Access all US partner offer programs using a single platform 
    • Apply for many offer programs using a consistent request process 
    • Receive real-time status information on all pending requests 
    • View holistic reporting on program usage in your personalized dashboard 
  • Two types of PIE programs 
    • Pilot and deployment programs: support partner-led engagements with individual customers 
    • Marketing programs: support partner-led marketing events with multiple customers 


Pre-sales offers allow partners to demonstrate how the Microsoft stack can provide value for their customer’s businesses. They can show how adopting new technology can benefit them in the long runThere is currently one Dynamics 365 pre-sales PIE offer that partners can leverage in 2020, and that’s Dynamics 365 Everywhere. Here is a list of how pre-sales activities can help 

  • Add net new customers 
  • Upsell Microsoft solutions to existing customers 
  • Demonstrate proof of concepts 
  • Generate demand for Microsoft technology  

Dynamics 365 Everywhere 

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Everywhere offer funds pre-sales activities that help partners drive Dynamics 365 Cloud sales with all managed customers in the United States. Partners that are Gold or Silver level are eligible for Enterprise Resource Planning, Cloud Business Applications, or Cloud Customer Relationship Management. Dynamics 365 supports four pre-sales activities that can be utilized to accelerate deal conversion with customers. The four activities include assessments, proofs of concept, App-in-a-Day workshops, and Customer Insights-in-a-Day workshops. You can find more details on this offer’s supported activities, eligibility requirements, and payouts, by referencing the Dynamics Everywhere program guide on the PIE Portal resources page.  

How to Get Started with PIE 

Funding through PIE can empower Microsoft partners to close deals and onboard technology for their customers without being restricted by budget. The best ways for partners to integrate Microsoft funding into the sales cycle is to: 

great way for Microsoft partners to learn more about updates and enhancements to investment programs is the call series we linked to above. This is hosted every Wednesday by the US Partner Investments Team and is a valuable resource where you can ask questions directly to Microsoft. Guest speakers are often featured to dive deeper into processes. As always, please reach out to us (link: at DCG if you have any Microsoft platform questions. We have a fully staffed team of Solution Architects, Developers, and Consultants who are willing to help you!  

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