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New Challenges Demand Azure Stack HCI Solutions

by Allie Wolf
7 minutes read

The way businesses store and manage data is transforming. With that being said, have you heard about Azure Stack HCI yet? Microsoft’s new Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) operating system is available as a Microsoft Azure service. It’s going to make traditional data centers a thing of the past. Azure Stack HCI combines elements of servers and storage with intelligent software. It works with your existing on-premise software, so you can use the same applications you know and love.

With Azure Stack HCI, you can:

  • Deploy/execute Windows and Linux virtual machines in data centers.
  • Merge the infrastructure your organization uses.
  • Reduce the complexities of conventional hardware.
  • Save storage.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Improve security.
  • Prepare for the hybrid cloud.
  • Optimize the infrastructure you’ve used for years.

In this article, we take a deep dive into Azure Stack HCI, explain its benefits, and tell you the importance of using a partner when incorporating this technology into your organization.

What is Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)?

Imagine you could optimize your existing software and infrastructure. Suppose your integrated resources could be managed from one centralized location. The solution you have been looking for has arrived. Let us introduce HCI, a service that virtualizes the hardware-defined systems in your organization.

HCI combines:

  • Compute virtualization.
  • Storage virtualization.
  • Networking virtualization.
  • Advanced management capabilities.
  • Allocation of resources to applications in virtual machines (VMs) and containers. 

This new technology provides your organization with multiple benefits. Ultimately, you can reduce the security risks associated with traditional on-premise systems and reduce data center complexity with one uniformed system—instead of relying on multiple pieces of infrastructure. HCI brings cost reductions too. By staying connected to the cloud, you can reduce data storage expenses considerably. 

Another benefit of HCI is its relative ease-of-use. An HCI lets you keep your existing software. Therefore, you won’t have to teach employees how to use new applications and programs. Hence, you can reduce training costs, lessen downtime, and continue with day-to-day workflows. However, it’s still helpful to hire a partner so you can get additional value from HCI and grow your business.

It’s no wonder that so many data-driven organizations are investing in this technology. But with various HCI solutions on the market, which one should you choose? 

Dynamic Consultants Group provides customized solutions for modernizing your infrastructure, helping you get the most from Azure Stack HCI in 2021 and beyond. Schedule a Microsoft Teams meeting here.

What Is Microsoft Azure Stack HCI?

Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s HCI, which became available for general use back in December of 2020. You might already be familiar with Azure, Microsoft’s ever-popular cloud computing service. Azure Stack HCI builds on its success, providing users with a simplified hybrid/on-premises environment. 

With Azure HCI, you can host virtualized Windows/Linux workloads (and their storage) and benefit from VM backups, site recovery and cloud-based monitoring. There’s connectivity with other products in the Microsoft ecosystem too:

The great thing about Azure Stack HCI is that Microsoft offers it as an Azure service and you can access it in an Azure subscription. If you already use the portfolio of Azure Stack products, you will save money.

With Azure Stack HCI, you can:

  • Access built-in capabilities and software/support from Microsoft.
  • Use your Windows Server and Hyper-V skills to connect legacy servers and storage.
  • Choose a deployment scenario that’s the best fit for your organization. 
  • Select a node solution from one of 20+ hardware partners or use repurposed hardware to save even more money.

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI Benefits

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI helps you get more value from your current software investment. It does this by consolidating the programs you use on-premises, while Azure Hybrid Services optimize these programs. Azure combines existing Microsoft products for file sharing, monitoring, disaster recovery and more. All this is happening while the Azure Security Center safeguards your valuable data. 

Azure Stack HCI uses the same software-defined storage and network as the Azure Stack portfolio products. Microsoft has tested this operating system in the same way as the others. This feature reassures organizations that are wary about modernizing their infrastructure.

Then there’s the familiarity that comes from using the same software. If you have used Microsoft products in the past, incorporating Azure Stack HCI means familiar with operations and management. 

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Why You Need An Azure Stack HCI Partner

Microsoft Azure Stack HCI can be a complicated beast, with thousands of unique features available. Some businesses that aren’t familiar with HCI, a relatively new concept, might find the platform intimidating. An Azure Stack HCI partner provides a solution. 

Working with an Azure Stack HCI partner enhances your hybrid HCI deployments and gives you more value from the platform. Dynamic Consultants Group provides you with customized solution configurations when modernizing your infrastructure with HCI technology. The result? An Azure Stack HCI solution that’s easy to scale, deploy and integrate into your organization. 

Here are some benefits of working with Dynamics Consultants Group: 

  • Excellent communication as you modernize your infrastructure. Ultra-responsive support engineers provide you with the help you need as you integrate Microsoft Azure HCI into your business.
  • A transparent pricing model with no hidden costs or nasty surprises. You pay for the services you require, and that’s it.
  • Detailed documentation and solution road mapping to help you establish a long-term goal for HCI integration.
  • World-class consulting services that help you grow your business and reduce complexities in your existing workflows. 
  • Access consulting and service solutions for other Microsoft products, including Dataverse, Dynamics 365 CRM and the wider Power Platform. Optimizing these Microsoft products helps you achieve your technology goals.

Dynamic Consultants Group has seven global offices and helped over 1,000,000 customers.

Final Word

Investing in HCI brings multiple benefits to your organization, helping you reduce data center complexities and consolidate existing infrastructure. You can also improve security by managing data from one centralized location. If you’re looking for HCI, Microsoft Azure Stack HCI could change the way you enhance security, power, and performance. By managing Windows and Linux workloads (and their storage) in a hybrid/on-premises environment, you can reduce costs, optimize data management, and stay connected to the cloud. 

Are you thinking about incorporating Microsoft Azure Stack HCI into your business? Working with an Azure Stack HCI partner could provide you with a significant investment return. Dynamic Consultants Group is the No. 1 partner for Azure Stack HCI and other Microsoft products. Schedule a Microsoft Teams Meeting and learn more about Microsoft Azure consulting.