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Why You Should Hire a Business Central Consultant

by Allie Wolf
8 minutes read

So your business is, at the very least, considering an investment in Business Central. Perhaps you’re researching and evaluating what is involved with an implementation. You find yourself askingHow long will it take? When can start? Can I do it myself? The truth is that while Business Central is fast to implement—compared to some other products—it’s not always easy. For companies looking to implement Business Central, it’s a good idea to involve an external consulting resource. 

You Want Your Business Central Implementation to Be a Success

Your Business Central implementation might involve: 

  • Data migration, where you transfer data from an old business management software tool to Business Central 
  • Integration, where you integrate data with Business Central and use both systems 
  • Choosing Business Central as your first business management solution 

It makes sense to involve an external Business Central consulting team for all three of these scenarios. Consultants are a great resource for business to rely on because they come with bountiful knowledge, a specialized skill set, and years of experience. 

It’s common for companies to experience issues when migrating or integrating data with Business Central. A seemingly simple implementation with relatively straightforward data sets can soon become a nightmare, especially if your integration team is not prepared for Business Central or has unrealistic expectations for the project.  

It requires arranging an environment, creating customers, producing vendors, and establishing all the transactions that help you execute day-to-day business processes. This configuration and setup all need to happen before you can even consider customizing the platform’s features to meet your specific needs. Then you’ll need to train end users in how to use Business Central. 

With an experienced consultant, you can get a customized system optimized for all your business needs. In addition, the consultant will get users trained quickly and efficiently allowing user adoption to increase and speed up the project completion process.  

You Want to Avoid Data Loss and Other Issues

Making a wrong move might leave you accidentally deleting important data or transferring duplicated data sets to Microsoft’s business management tool. You also want to secure data integrity during the implementation process and ensure high-quality data sets end up in Business Central. 

Working with a consultant can prevent these worst-case scenarios and guarantee a seamless data integration project. The right consultant will help you choose which data to move from your old system to Business Central and guide you through the entire implementation process. 

Another consideration when migrating or integrating data with Business Central is data governance. Depending on your jurisdiction or sector, you might need to adhere to legislation like GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA when transferring data from one location to another. Non-compliance with these legal frameworks can result in expensive penalties from the government that cost thousands of dollars—leading to unexpected expenses your business might not be able to afford. An external consultant will help you navigate these issues and prevent you from landing in hot water. 

DCG is the Business Central consultant you can trust. With over 700+ successful Microsoft projects and implementations, the company’s proven methods have helped over 150 organizations achieve their business goals. Yours could be next. Talk with a Business Central expert now! 

You Want to Get More Value from Business Central

Face it, Business Central, like all business management solutions, is an expensive investment. You want to get the most value possible from incorporating this platform into your business. 

You could try implementing it yourself.  If done right, it will streamline your business processes, increase visibility and efficiency, and provide support throughout your organization. With the assistance of experienced Business Central consultants, they can guarantee your implementation is done seamlessly while optimizing and customizing features based on your requirements without the hassle. 

Business Central optimizations and customizations can include: 

  • Changing workspaces by customizing assigned roles. 
  • Installing add-ons and extensions that further your business objectives. For example, you might want to integrate Business Central with PayPal Payments Standard.  
  • Change which UI elements you see in the platform. 
  • Enabling colors on Role Centers to prioritize important roles.  

The right consultant will transform Business Central into a tool that caters to your organization. You can choose the features that help team members execute tasks and grow your business. Learn more about DCG >> 

Why Choose DCG for Your Business Central Implementation?

So, you’re ready for the Business Central implementation! DCG will create a road map that marks significant milestones in your specific implementation case, allowing you to plan and restructure labor and resources. The company has helped more than 150 organizations achieve their implementation goals and go ‘live’ with Microsoft products in a speedy timeframe.  

By outsourcing this implementation to a reputable Microsoft consultant, your team can focus on other business tasks. DCG will support your entire implementation and recommend solutions that help you realize your long-term digital transformation goals. The company’s previous clients have seen an average of 43 percent in ROI during the first year of their implementation’s go-live.  

Final Word

Whether Business Central is your first business management solution, or you want to migrate or integrate existing data with the platform, it’s a good idea to involve an external consulting team for assistance. With DCG overseeing your project, you will receive certified Microsoft engineer with a vast amount of knowledge, a specialized Business Central skill set, and years of experienceLet’s chat about your Business Central project today>>

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