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What Can I Do With Power Automate?

by Allie Wolf
6 minutes read

Microsoft Power Automate is your centralized hub for automating business workflows on an enormous scale. The platform brims with features that leverage your favorite apps and services, making it a valuable addition to your tech stack. Collect data. Move data from one app to another. Synchronize files. Generate leads. Transform your business. 

Previously known as Microsoft Flow, Power Automate streamlines all of those repetitive tasks you don’t have time for, so you can focus on the things that matter. By automating your most important jobs, you can build super-secure workflows, enhance productivity, and scale your business. Best of all, you don’t need a Master’s degree in data engineering to make this all happen. Power Automate requires no code whatsoever. 

In this guide, we’ll showcase some of the best Power Automate features that will benefit your business in 2021 and explain why you need a partner like Dynamic Consultants Group for even more explosive results. 

Dynamic Consultants Group is the partner of choice for data-driven enterprises that want more value from Power Automate. With a wide range of consulting and support services, DCG helps you successfully integrate Power Automate into your organization. Schedule a call here.

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What is Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based workflow engine that automates processes and tasks with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft (Office) 365, SharePoint, and Teams. It does this by using a library of “connectors” that move data between various sources. (Microsoft Dataverse securely stores and manages all this data.) Power Automate is one of four products that make up Microsoft’s Power Platform

Pro-tip: By automating workflows and keeping data in one place, you can uncover valuable business insights via other products in the Microsoft ecosystem, such as Dynamics 365

Here are just some of the connectors available in Power Automate:

  • Office 365 Outlook
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Planner
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Common Data Service
  • Outlook
  • SQL Server

These connectors create automated workflows that power your business. Once you set up a workflow, Power Automate takes care of the rest. Here are some examples:

  • Save Office 365 attachments to OneDrive for Business.
  • Save email attachments to a SharePoint document library.
  • Save Outlook attachments to OneDrive.
  • Save Tweets to Excel.
  • Post messages to Teams when you create new tasks in Planner.
  • Record form responses in SharePoint.

There are loads of workflows available, and Power Automate is adding new ones all the time. 

Pro-Tip: Extend Power Automate’s capabilities further by connecting your data to Azure, Microsoft’s powerful cloud platform. 

Dynamic Consultants Group helps you integrate Power Automate into your tech stack, with reliable consulting and support services that grow your enterprise. 

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What are the benefits of Power Automate?

Power Automates uses a process called Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to create automated workflows. This eliminates the frustrations that come from setting up workflows in your organization. Connectors simplify the entire process, seamlessly moving data between two or more apps or services. (You can automate manual tasks without breaking a sweat!) Power Automate doesn’t require any code, so it’s a valuable platform for businesses without data engineering teams. 

Using Power Automate makes it easy to share data between team members, and the platform significantly saves time and resources. You might be wary about moving sensitive data between apps, but Power Automate is 100 percent safe. (It uses the latest security protocols when transferring data from one source to another.) As a result, you can comply with GDPRHIPAA, and other relevant data governance frameworks.

Why you need a Power Automate partner

While Power Automate proves useful for all businesses, you still need the right technologies, tools, and techniques to make everything run smoothly. Using a partner like Dynamic Consultants Group provides the following benefits:

  • Integrate Power Automate into your organization quickly
  • No downtime
  • Train team members how to use Power Automate
  • Learn about other Microsoft products that benefit your business
  • Improve data security/compliance
  • Access a world-class team of Microsoft professionals
  • Identify problems with Power Automate implementation before they happen
  • Save money

DCG has empowered over 1 million people worldwide, with 700+ successful Microsoft implementations completed to date. We provide customized Power Automate solutions that help you realize your data migration objectives, providing a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Premier Support. 

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Final Word

Microsoft Power Automate streamlines workflows for a broad range of apps and services, enhancing productivity in your enterprise. This valuable suite of tools automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks so you can concentrate on more critical jobs. 

Do you want to integrate Microsoft Power Automate into your organization? Dynamic Consultants Group provides full-service Power Automate solutions for businesses like yours, helping you automate day-to-day tasks for better performance and productivity. Schedule a call here.