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Build Extra Help With Power Virtual Agents

by Allie Wolf
8 minutes read

With a 24/7 available helpdesk through Microsoft Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents is the latest chatbot creator platform offered by Microsoft. There are many reasons why this software outshines the rest as one of the most efficient, no-code platform to create an accurate and precise chatbot assistant. Featured below is a summary to demonstrate Power Virtual Agents strengths:

  • Automate help system creates a true safety net for the no-code platform
  • User-friendly interface designed for maximum usability
  • Platform design translates seamlessly between a standalone web app and a more discrete app within Microsoft Teams
  • Two different methods exist to create a technological catch-all for developers
  • In-app coding options
  • Multitasking resource to toggle between development and assessment on a single page
  • Web resources for user questions, including a community hub

User Friendly, No-Code Platform

Used as an innovative method for software developers, this no-code platform allows users to create a slew of important application features without the need for a coding middleman. The Power Virtual Agent’s interface is intuitive and fully meets a user’s needs due to programmability’s versatility. The Agent’s versatility is vast enough to include an open-source coding platform to assist any needs that outgrow the no-code archetype.

The interface of the app is efficiently designed, allowing user building to exist alongside testing. This allows development and piloting to work together in tandem to create a more precise product. Developers can create their bot while testing the dialogue functions with the product on the screen’s left side. The right side is used for internal processes, giving a full inner and outer glimpse of their creation. Maintaining and creating entities is simple and straightforward in both apps. Users may utilize the artificial intelligence of smart matching and enter basic synonyms to create the perfect catch-all query framework.

While a list of pre-entered entities is readily available, users have the option of easily submitting their own original entities into the chatbot system.

It is innovatively easy for the user to create the chat dialogues and trigger phrases. As a result, a series of trials will be enacted while having complete access to the same page’s conversational flow framework. All this is done without having to toggle between the two functions. The user should type in whatever questions they preempt a customer might ask, then adjust the responses. Especially in the standalone app, developers have a large amount of creative power with variables. Identifying information about a client as a variable can be easily saved and then reused later when the same customer returns. This makes the entire process more friendly, personal, and hospitable over time – a key factor that has been traditionally levied against artificial intelligence in company setups.

Although variables are pre-entered, developers should expect to add in their own multiple variables and variable base types (analogous to their specified entities). This allows for a truly distinct chatbot that is the best fit for your company.

Powerful Artificial Intelligence Resource

Chatbot software is a true staple of both customer service and employee-employer integrity as a replacement of brick-and-mortar service platforms. While there are competitors to the software, a few key areas allow Power Virtual Agents to stand out as a truly unique and powerful artificial intelligence platform. One important facet is the Microsoft Power Automate system. Because Power Virtual Agents are created and owned by Microsoft, the software systems are integrated with other Microsoft systems. This includes the automated system, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Power BI. Also, being a primarily closed-source system, software security is impenetrable towards user errors, arguably one of the biggest attractions the software provides.

While the application itself is no-code and has underlying software processes designed for user comfort, an open-source coding option is included. From many of the “show advanced options” tabs on the flow creation pop-ups, users can add their own code to direct the software to perform exact duties that they wouldn’t be able to otherwise command. This dual-control system extends control to both beginners and seasoned coders, making it truly revolutionary as a product. This is possible because of the software overlap between the chatbot app and Microsoft Azure.

Explore inline coding options with Microsoft Azure.

The chatbots created from this application are a compelling example of marketable artificial intelligence. The application is equipped to allow them to tackle topics from both customers as well as employees easily. The chatbots are designed most often to answer questions about opening times, help and support questions, employee inquiries about workplace policies, and recently have even been set up to answer basic questions on the COVID-19 impact on businesses.

Available In Different Platforms

There are two main platforms in which Power Virtual Agents create chatbots. The first is the standalone web app. The chatbots created on this platform can generally be expected to answer a larger portion of client and employee questions correctly, act on behalf of a client by accessing the back-end system using Power Automate, easily monitor through the app analytics system, and display a very holistic view of how your customer service operations are currently managed.

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The second platform is available through the Microsoft Teams app. Some benefits to creating a chatbot for the Microsoft Teams app include questions promptly addressed, access to a hub of members willing to give the creation direct feedback, and many users are familiar with Microsoft Teams already. The transition of the standalone app into a more familiar platform provides ease of access to creative power.

Find out more about the Power Virtual Agent app in Microsoft Teams.

Final Thoughts

Power Virtual Agents is the latest chatbot creator platform offered through Microsoft. This user-friendly platform is designed for comfort, but that doesn’t mean advanced features aren’t offered. While coding isn’t required, an open-source coding option is available, extending control to both beginners and seasoned coders. This versatile chatbot is available as a standalone app as well as through Microsoft Teams, allowing all your business needs to be met. Change the way your customer service and employee-employer integrity is managed through Power Virtual Agents.

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